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Up date: 19 May 2019 early morning 5.30 am!

After 5 years of constant destruction of our network by present global system we are still alive and kicking… Almost all -> (97%) what we said so far turned to be true/truth and we have the best trust ratings ever among others… Still no penny… but a lot of fun!

Bernie Yes or Bernie No it still all the same – more control…. (Now FBI will hack you!). Weird Noise Interrupts White House Press Briefing. Heatwave in India claims 300 lives. Lesbian Kicked Out Of Women’s Restroom By Police.


The Supreme Court approved new rules on Thursday that would potentially give the FBI the authority to hack any computer in the United States, and potentially computers located overseas as well. Those hidden by Tor technology will also be vulnerable.

Now the Congress have until December 1 to either approve the rule, reject or make changes to it – then any magistrate judge in the country could grant the FBI warrants authorizing hacks into computers whose whereabouts are unknown.

In its letter to Congress, the Supreme Court approved the following change to Rule 41 of the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure.

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Buffalo Zoo Welcomes New Lion Cub. Obama Surprises College Students Visiting WH. TOR developer (double agent) working for hackers and gov… ‘The Hunger Games’ Power cuts and shortages spark looting in Venezuela. Highlights of Monique Lhuillier’s Bridal Fashion. Hollywood via Cuba in ‘Papa Hemingway’.


A developer of the Tor software has been exposed for creating malware for the FBI to help the agency spy on users of the supposedly anonymous tool for internet browsing and communication.

Matt Edman, a cybersecurity expert who worked for the nonprofit privacy project in 2008 and 2009,“contributed significantly to Tor’s codebase” before creating software for the FBI, according to Daily Dot.

The open-source software encrypts internet traffic and sends it through thousands of servers before reaching its destination. It has been a key component of the ‘dark web’ used by millions, ranging from human rights agencies, the military and journalists to drug dealers and creators of child pornography.

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As predicted all the game is fixed to keep things in order…

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Venezuela state employees to work two-day week to save energy
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History of triple hacks and one dead…. Independent production saving soul of motion pictures industry…


The names, bank passwords and other sensitive data on Qatari royal family members, alleged intelligence agents and Al Jazeera staff have reportedly been leaked following a massive hack attack on the Qatar National Bank.

A 1.4GB file emerged online on Wednesday and reportedly contains hundreds of thousands of entries, including customer transaction logs, PIN codes and credit card data.

The leak was initially uploaded at the website, but was quickly removed without explanation, according to the International Business Times.

A “SPY, Intelligence” folder included an array of records listed as Ministry of Defense, MI6 (the British intelligence agency) and Qatar’s State Security Bureau, also known as Mukhabarat, International Business Times reported.

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Several computer viruses have been detected in a German nuclear power plant in Bavaria, the station operator said. The malware can steal login credentials and allow a remote attacker to access the cracked computer.

The incident took place at Gundremmingen plant about 100km from Munich.

“In Gundremmingen nuclear power plant so-called office-malware has been found during … testing work in Unit B,” a statement released by the power plant said.

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A massive power outage struck the Swiss city of Zurich, electric officials have confirmed, adding that the city center lost electricity and traffic was halted. Almost an hour after the blackout, the power was back.

The Zurich Electricity company (EWZ) tweeted that the blackout took place shortly before 2pm local time (12:00 GMT).

The company added that two transformers had been shut down due to “unknown reasons.

The lights were off on Zurich’s main downtown street, Bahnhofstrasse, Swiss 20 Minuten newspaper reported.

Several shops had increased security measures, according to the paper.

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California police have launched an investigation following the discovery of a dead man at Apple’s headquarters in California.

While information is still only emerging, it’s understood the body is that of an Apple employee and was discovered in a conference room on Apple’s Cupertino campus on Wednesday morning, KTVU reported.

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Is there a connection between this and above event or just it is something about Apple losing steam on global market or we don’t know?

High-end escort accused of killing Google exec with a heroin overdose on luxury yacht says he TOLD her to inject the deadly dose.

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Who is Bernie Sanders? Hillary camp weaponized sex to fight Bernie! U.S. Corporations Hide $1.4 Trillion In Tax Havens. US ruling class under ISIS attack!


Numerous Facebook pages in support of Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy were shut down on Monday after they were reportedly flooded with pornographic images, with at least one participant in the attacks being linked to a Hillary Clinton support group.

The incidents, which The Hill stated seemed to be coordinated, began around 9:00pm on Monday, with account owners being able to regain control of their groups around midnight. According to a report, attackers posted porn in at least two groups and then reported the content to Facebook, triggering the shutdowns.

Some of the groups that were shut down had tens of thousands of members, including: Bernie Sanders Is My Hero, Bernie Believers, Bernie Sanders for President, and Bernie Sanders Activists.

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Members of the 105th Congress and guests fill the Senate chamber to listen as US President Bill Clinton delivers his State of the Union speech 27 January on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Clinton defended the Social Security program, proposed improving education, proposed raising the minimum wage, urged Congress to pass a consumer bill of rights for medical care, and proposed a plan for affordable, safe, child care. AFP PHOTO Luke FRAZZA

The Islamic State-aligned United Cyber Caliphate claims to have hacked into US State Department records, releasing online information on 43 employees it wants dead. The leak also includes staff with Homeland Security and other agencies, media reported.

The information was released through the group’s account on the messaging app Telegram. The departments of energy, commerce, health and defense have been compromised along with the State Department and DHS, the SITE Intelligence Group reported.

The document is entitled ‘wanted to be killed’ and contains threats to the US, which the group sees as its main enemy. Various staff members from all over the world were identified, including embassy workers in Sudan and Togo, Vocativ was able to verify. The list included other officials, Homeland Security among them.

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You are happiness – just discover that… Obama: N. Korea Needs to End Provocative Actions. Britain’s modern slavery. Big Oil Is WAY More Evil Than We Thought. Stanford engineering and birds….


Happiness can’t be downloaded like a cellphone app, Pope Francis has said in a special mass for the teens in Vatican on Sunday.

“Happiness has no price,” the Pontiff said, adding that it’s “not an app that you can download on your phones, nor will the latest update bring you freedom and grandeur in love,” AP reported.

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