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Written on October 17th, 2012

New day, New beginning, New start,
All is possible and everything can be accomplished.

After countless requests from my beloved and faithful fans and friends, especially, from my cats – I decided to publish the most revealing short story about me.

It is the first part of the book on which I am working relentlessly and it was written on the demand of my editor. After 2 weeks of hard work, results can be seen below.

Hm… not much.

Anyways, I love writing my books though I did not write any so far. It does not matter much because I enjoy the whole process. Just keeping busy, happy and healthy.

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Piotr Grzywacz , born in Poland on February 14,1965 at 06:05 hours in the morning in the middle sized city of Gdynia by the Baltic Sea.

The city of Gydnia is a part of three towns joined together where one is called Gdansk. The same Gdansk where World War II started and the Solidarity movement was established. The climate of the place where the fight for freedom and social justice was present throughout history built the imagination of a young writer. After many attempts at trying to change the reality, he recognized that all his efforts were hopeless and decided to start the journey inside seeking for inner awakening. After 6 years of living in Gdynia, his mother divorced and married a second time, taking the small boy to a little town on the other side of the country. It was a completely new life and the beginning of constant travels from place to place and reestablishing his life from scratch time after time. It was at the same time that inner homelessness and feelings of loss and abandonment developed in the psyche of the growing writer.

The second marriage of his mother was not happy at all and Piotr was not able to develop proper feelings of attachment and family love or togetherness. Hence, he grew wild and hibernated in his lonely and dark world of melancholy. Nevertheless, from the onset, at school – he was recognized as a very talented and hard working student, being always the best in every class. At that time, he developed a strong passion for reading books and living his life like the characters in the stories which he read. All hardships pushed him to stay in the world of dreams, detached from reality – thus creating multiple personalities of a future writer.

After finishing primary school at the age of 15, he decided to leave his mother and go back to the place of his birth where his father was residing. He enrolled at Marine College and started his education as a Mariner. After 4 years, he finished his College as one of the best students and the next year, cleared exams of the Naval Institute in Gdynia. Finishing institute in 1990 allowed him to become an officer Chief Steward on passenger ships.

In 1990, he started studying Theology as well as strongly contemplating to quit some Institutes and become a priest. Being a student of Theology, he was allowed to see the life of clergy behind the curtain. After 3 years of the study of Theology and deeply disappointed with the life of the highest servant of the church, he quit. That moment his journey as a Christian Catholic ended.

From 1980 to 1991, he spent 3 years consecutively on the sea as a Mariner or Steward but in 1991 he left the ships.

In 1991, after meeting Buddhist masters – he developed an interest in the path of enlightenment. Next he studied the new religion deeply and learnt everything that was in his reach. In 1997, he formally became a Buddhist.

In 1991, he established his own association and started working as the cultural promoter. He coined and published his own monthly Art Magazine – “Przedproza” and revealed himself as a writer and journalist. In no time, with his unique style and undeniable writing talent, he was discovered by the local media. By the end of 1991, he was offered a job as a reporter in the biggest local newspaper, Dziennink Baltycki. He got jobs in local TV and radio as well. For 2 years, he was producing and conducting his own Radio Show, thus becoming an extremely popular Radio Presenter and DJ.

In 1994 – at the peak of his career as a journalist, he received an offer to build his own Radio Station in cooperation with the European Union. He stopped all his activities as a journalist, writer, presenter and producer to completely commit to the new station. In the middle of 1996, his idea of an International Station succeeded and received concession for emitting 24 hours programming. Unfortunately, he was not asked to become the Chief Editor of this newly open Radio.

At the end of 1996, he went for vacation to see his mother who meanwhile had moved to Canada. After 3 weeks of being in Toronto, he decided to become a Canadian. He is now living in Toronto – Canada. In this new land he has worked in construction and demolition. Had his own private company and worked as a handy man. Finally, he started working as a freelancer in local newspapers.

In 2003, after the death of his mother due to stomach cancer, he withdrew from all public life and started a long retreat to contemplate the meaning of life. This led him in 2009 to join a Buddhist monastery and start the life of monk. After 2 years of tough discipline of body and mind, he left the monk hood in the desire to share his talent of writing and his inner self with the world. He is now living for others – like never before.

Piotr Grzywacz published his first works in the local newspapers in the form of poems and short stories. He published his poems and philosophical works in his magazine “Przedproza.” He was able to publish his collection of poems and short stories in Poland in 1985 and 1992.His present works in English can be found on ‘Experience Project’ – the biggest sharing website in the world where he enjoys great popularity. Look for his home page under the nickname “Bolek”.

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