ARC Coalition Against Rape

Every 2 minutes woman is raped in US (source CNN)

It is 30 women per hour.

It is 262 800 cases per year.
We have to reduce this as much as possible.

50% of man think it is OK to do it if no one will know I mean if they will get away with it (source CNN).

I am almost sure that this is just top of the iceberg.

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Here is logo of our campaign
design by MsManic from Experience

We need a national program for victims of the rape.

We will call it ARC.

We will build a website – so people can report to it. It will be totally incognito…

Legal team will investigate and take care about each case. So we need team of let say 100 people to do so on yearly basis.

We will require also group 1000 people to monitor accused.

On top of it we will need 100 people of stuff to manage whole project.

Work of ARC will focus on:

1. Constant promotion of our activities and mission so every woman will know about our project and have chance easy to find us,

2. Organizing quick medical support to gather evidence after rape,

3. Processing data,

4. Support for victim,

5. Education,

Our education will focus on teaching:

1.How to behave in case of being in situation of rape,

2. What to do after tragic event (gathering evidence and getting necessary help, recovery etc).

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Our activities will be directed to protect women, men and children.

We will have also AP “I was raped” that will trigger immediate help if necessary.

Please  support our mission.
How to do it the best please contact us at:

Thank you.


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