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Recipe for spirituality The most profound inside (September 21 2015)


As long as you never practiced talking is not a practice, reading stories is not a practice too, watching movies is not practice also and so forth. By practice we understand here spending time with yourself and looking into you and seeing what is happing in your head. However, all can be a practice with just a little bit of trying and here we will explain how it is possible.

Stages of Development

In Buddhist scriptures it is said that first you sit and see so you fully understand by seeing what is happening inside. You immediately understand what is happening inside you by watching your thoughts – how they come to life and disappear.

In the begging it is hard to get understanding because you are used to work with every thought that appears inside of you.


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How do I mean above?

The thought comes to life and what you usually do you develop it. You work with that thought thinking more and more about subject that represents for you. Next when you get distracted by another thought, thought of distraction, you pick up on this one and you work on that material thinking over and over again about stuff that new thought brought to your attention. And again new thought or situation comes and all again takes place as before.

Of course you can have many thoughts on particular subject and many others on each coming new one.

Besides thinking process that takes place you also talk to yourself – constantly, inside. Inner dialog or monolog takes place based on appearing thoughts and not only.

You do all of that (thinking and taking) from the beginning of your journey on this planet. This is the strongest habit so it is hard to break through it is hard to find just one singular thought and see what is the nature of it. If you don’t believe that this is a truth try to spend with you at least 30 seconds, watching your inside and not thinking and not talking to yourself. Impossible…


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Definition of Creation

In Buddhism we believe that we create inner and surrounding reality by thinking, talking and doing things. Doing in this case does not include thinking and talking. All these three mentioned processes are considered as separate one. When you talk and think it is not consider as doing. Even when you talk constantly to yourself and think doing would be consider as – for example – moving glass with the water on top of the table. More about dependency of three in another work named: Alchemy of Words Creating Universe Out and In.

In Buddhism we don’t know who spoke first word or did first act or how first thought appear. Because of that we can’t define how Universe was created. It is believed that all emerge from space and all will dissolve into it. However, origin of Universe was never main question for Buddhist but origin of suffering was.

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How to start

Since we are preoccupied by our strongest habitual processes it is easy to start but is hard to have it. I mean it is hard to see it through but all begin always with the first step. You will see right the way what is happening in your mind but it will be hard to rest your mind since you will experience huge mess there which is enormous traffic of thoughts.

What you have to accomplish first when looking inside is to slow down, drive out of the main traffic, stop the car and let it dissolve.

I can be very easy done. I mean process of slowing down and dissolution.

Slowing down you do by proper observation and looking inside what we will explain shortly. About dissolution literally nothing has to be done since it is happening all the time in your mind. I mean dissolution of thoughts. Only what you have to do is to create conditions to see it.


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However, since it is so fast and you don’t even focus on it you don’t notice. For example when you look at your clock that has just two arrows (hours and minutes) you see that time stands still but that is not true – right?

Actually all this traffic and not knowing and losing perspective of it is foundation for all inner (mental) disorders.What should be done?

What you should do is spend a little bit time with yourself. If you will have a chance to sit comfortably and look into you quickly you can slow down whole process of incoming thoughts. After month or so doing it a few minutes per day, looking into you, traffic will slow down. Then you will see breaks between thoughts. One will go and it will be a break and another will come. Finally you will be able to see vast space in you with no thoughts but with awareness of what is happening in that space. You will be able also track next coming thought and let her go. So you will be in the game and in control – a bit – but since it was nothing before it will be a lot. For sure you will be safe and protected by your understanding. From now on even if whole journey to full awakening takes time it will be only better and better. I will write much more about “the whole circle, the whole yard” and how to behave during it in later parts of this text.

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Please answer me now:

Do you know what makes you so tried and unhappy?

I bet you don’t. How come that even if you rest a lot you are even more tired?  How is that possible?

I know how much you tried to fix this problem and how much hopes went into whole process of understanding and making it better. I know also how much disappointment come up out of it with not really good outcome. That is why I decided to give you my take on it.

Generally all what makes you tired and un-energized is a process of constant unhappy thinking. During this process you are losing whole your power and wasting most of your energy. This endless thinking process about which you are most of the time not aware is your main problem that you don’t even recognize.

Are you? When last time was you aware that you were thinking?

Right… as you see you don’t even think about it… and you know what – I know that since I was doing the same.


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What is actually happening in your head?

You think and talk to yourself tirelessly and try to solve your problems or prove things to yourself or even others and all it is happening only and mostly in your head. How many great solutions come from this really un-recognized thinking?

Nevertheless, you are running constantly on this fuel 24/7 not solving much and not proving anything most of the times what take you even more down.

Am I right about not solving anything looking in a sense at the big picture and talking about big picture items?

Looking at the big picture we can almost certainly say that what you wish to accomplish is to be happy. In order to achieve that you wish to solve your problems so you think how to do it – over and over again. For sure you solved some problems but they keep coming… more and more. It seems to be an endless process – so it means you will never be happy since you will be busy to the end of your life thinking about your problems and trying to solve them (in order to be happy) and for sure not being happy.

Well… we may imagine that maybe thinking about your problems or trying to solve them is that what makes you happy but do you like to be tried also?

Going straight to the point we can ask: What is the point of having such life where all is about problems and being tired?

The point is to be happy and here is way out, the way how to do it.


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By the way if you could solve your problems by rolling them in your head there would be no more rolling at some point but that is not the case. Actually by doing so they grow, they become bigger and bigger and we feel more and more trap… When you think about them all the time as you do – it becomes scarier and scarier also and we don’t need that. I hope you agree.

I am not saying leave, abandon your problems. They are there and they will be there like everything what is there. What I am saying they can be there and anything can be a problem but you don’t have to be un-happy and tired because of them. In order to accomplish that and solve your main problem which is how to be happy you have to leave them in terms of mental processes and I will explain how to do it shortly.

Not even Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad was able to solve all the world problems. It seems it is impossible but all of this great masters show us the path to relative and ultimate happiness.


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Besides who is better suitable to solve any problem in real life:

  1. a. person who is content, steady, confident, in peace, not tired and happy, person who really know what happiness is,

  2. b. person who is broken, chaotic in constant pain and do not possess qualities of a.

In my opinion a is better than b for problem solving. It does not mean that b could not do it but it seems that it could be really a drag for b and all this could be a questionable quality in defining someone a good problem solver. Looks like in this case achieving inner peace and happiness is the best what can happen for whole Universe in terms of problem solving.

To solve or not to solve worldly problems

How we view ourselves is dependent about:

  1. what we think about ourselves,

    b. what others think about ourselves.

    c. what we think that others think about us.

What kind of choices you will make and how you will solve your problems when being in peace will define you in correlation to the world and in the world. It means what you will think about yourself and what they will think about you.

It will be less important what you think as they think about you. Actually it will not matter at all. If anything will matter it will matter what kind of imprint you will wish to leave in the fabric of time. If you will think about it so it may matter or otherwise it will not matter at all.

For example you may live in peace and leave after yourself huge mess which will not matter over all. Just they will see you as a messy person. You can also leave this space having all neat and tidy with the same feeling as in the first case but being viewed as neat and tidy. All is a matter of character and example you may decide to follow and be shown.


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Anyway on other note what may really surprise is  fact that you in Buddhism we actually like problems and we face them head on, right on the spot with no more escapism. Only because of our problems we can see our salvation but I will talk about it at the very end of this text.

What we have right now is problems and more problems, scarier and scarier situation, actually avalanche of problems and all running in endless vicious circles with no solutions and no way out… Please tell me what kind of feeling you got after reading last sentence…

Well… I feel like it was very tiring one already. Just reading it makes me tired and uncomfortable so can I imagine what you do to yourself exercising this time after time and after time.

It is obvious you make yourself tired and you make yourself exhausted. What would you expect? It is a very tiring, exhausting and draining process. I know it is since I was experiencing it for long time.


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What we are usually thinking about

Let look now more closely into what we are thinking about most of the time. Of course most of the time we are thinking about our problems: how ugly we are, how old we are, how sick we are, how stupid we are, how unsuccessful we are, how much we were hurt by others, how difficult is our situation, why no one love or understand us and finally how to solve our problems. It is pretty explosive material. No surprise that most of the time strangers like to talk only about weather.

All these problems are attached to fear.  They come with fear. So the only final outcome from process of thinking about our problems is feeling of fear… and we are doing it to ourselves.

With time fear became an independent entity and lives in us with no particular reason even if they are still many ongoing reasons to be fearful.  However, final accomplishment of what we are doing to ourselves is situation in which we are living in constant fear (reasonable and unreasonable) and this paralyses everything. In time the way we make our decisions, love and conduct ourselves actually everything is steeped in smell of fear.


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At some point when it is already too much we break down and that is it to the end of our lives we try to fix it. This break down is happening these days earlier and earlier so already many very young people are broken.

After when we get smashed by life we look for fix to cover the void that comes after it. Most common fix are medications, drugs, sex or even love… some people try to create and some look for spiritual awaking. However, all of this it is just escapism from broken “me” who is trying to heal and can’t. We try to escape form ourselves, from wound we encounter, from shame and feeling weak, from our thoughts and this is obviously impossible.

Yes we try to love in other to heal but how can two broken people love each other if basically what they try to accomplish when in love is to forget how damage they are. So usually after time of enthusiasm (which comes in the beginning stages of being together when there is still hope) lovers but mostly something like partners are falling into a stage of bringing each other into the state of their brokenness.


In the beginning is great and with time we open up. We open up and we show real us and all our pain (from both sides) has to be on the table. That what means – we open up. It means we don’t pretend any more to be someone else and we hope and look for catharsis. Next when love and sex is not enough we drift apart. The old state, “state of inner unresolved brokenness” comes up very quickly and when our partner does not act like a healer since he or she needs help too we are back to place where we started. Only what is left is sexual encounter, basic instincts, animalism, attachment, unresolved problems and struggle that rises between us on that ground. Oh boy and we hate that! However, forced by situation and circumstances we have to live being trap in such story what makes us even more miserable.

Generally saying our fix is to put our problems – that we constantly think about – on the back burner where flame burns even stronger.  As results we create conditions in which catastrophe is almost certain, inevitable.  I mean the problems will come back like boomerang and take us to even darker and lonelier room.

In summary if you will not find fix of your problems “in you” you will never fix them. Only you can do it and searching for solutions outside is always a lost battle. If you will not find solution “in you” you will never be able to love purely or even be valid member of society. You will be basically strap from your humanity, reduced to number and enslave by yourself and problems that are shaping in your mind.


Why enslave and why strap?

Because with time your only motivation (consciously or unconsciously) to do anything is to get rid or solve your problems. In order to accomplish that you decide, intend or are force to wear different mask.

It is not you that take part in life but creature that you become in order to solve your inner problems.

What kind of society that can be or humanity where everyone runs pretending to be someone else in order to heal itself?

In my opinion this is what we are having right now. I mean American Model where 65% of citizens are sick and basically medicated and 100% don’t know who they even are. They think they know but as we stated already truth lays beyond thinking. We have broken society of broken people and… this is amazing! I will explain why later.

That is why here we are going to lay down exactly who we really are and fix all our inner problems once and forever. Not asking anyone for help but doing it within our means. Simple and easy since only what you need is just a little discipline with trying.


What we are doing here is not running out of our problems looking for fix somewhere there but we are facing them right ahead. We are looking in our wounds, recognizing them as mind creation and dissolving them so this way we become free from them.

Stages of Recognition

They are two stages of recognition of who we are.

First when you see all your traumas and let them go.

However, like a stone removed from ground it will leave a hole in it. So even if you will face your traumas and make them go away still whole mechanism will remain to take place when you will face another problem.

That is way in second stage you will have to dissolve whole mechanism.

What means when you will face new challenge naturally your practice will kick in and sweep all what could come and harm you. In this case when you will face uncomfortable situation all what you will know will be being in peace.

With such a method you will be able to take right decisions and not dictated by fear but by who you really are and what you really want. You will be able to conduct your life fully and with grace.


Initiation of the method

In the beginning whole process is static. You have to remain in relax setting position and break through stream of thoughts by observing them and waiting.

Poetically saying which is always a symbolic way we could say as:

Ocean will become a river and river will become a stream and next you will see one drop which will be one thought and it will disappear and you will understand what means to be aware and it will surprise you that you are not surprise since you know that since – forever.

Next when you break through and discover “awareness beyond thoughts” you have to practice more so it become your new reality|”, “your old new reality”Awareness –  where you see incoming thoughts and you let them go. That is what Awareness is to see whole process, to be aware of it.

When you accomplish that you can move on and walk keeping presence of mentioned Awareness. Finally it will become every part of your life and every act you will do.

It will not die also I strongly believe that.


Whole Circle and Getting In

Sitting quietly and observing your mind you will notice that all goes in sort of circle or circles.

However, first you look in and you may think: “I am in.

You observe more and you see that something is happening.

It is peaceful and quiet and you talk to yourself and you recognize that you are talking.

You don’t do much you just observe. Only what you know at this point is that you don’t wish to get involved in any process that takes part in you.

You don’t develop any thoughts you notice in you. You don’t go into them. You don’t talk with them, not argue – nothing.

You try not to talk to yourself but you never force anything. No any slight of movement in any direction. No decision taken and no decision prosecuted.

You wish to see what is happening in your head and hear what you talk about to yourself that is all. Next… just be quite.

No demanding anything from yourself and no expectations -> no even fake one. Just nothing… Just be quite… and look into you in silence.



You talk – that is cool. You lost it – that is great. It is hard – so let be it. Whatever comes all go.

You need time to be with you and you doing it and that is good enough.

If that is something uncomfortable – that is even better -> you let it go.

No more torture. No more accusations, No more demands. No more fitting it. No more blame.

This is path to liberation and to the end of suffering so already it has to be fun or you don’t need it.

You need less suffering up front not more and that is for sure.

That is You -> Here -> Inside and here you are free and you do what you like and how you like.

Just keep going because that is what you like and you do that only because of that… so it be has to likeable – not that you make it that way but because it has to be like that at the first side.

Your goal is (if you need on) to notice a few breaks where there are no thoughts and you are silent, you are not talking – so all is in peace. Your goal is connect to real you and that is all.

giphy (1)

You know something when you notice in your head. You are sure about something when you know what it is. Here what you do is to know not to be sure.

You are not practitioner, you are observer. You like that movie so you watch it that is all about it.

How to practice abandonment of thoughts and coexistence with them in real life how to prepare yourself to sitting practice we will explain later.

At this stage you notice all as it is and you try to be quiet.

We will explain how to practice quiet state later.

Summary and accruing events

Please don’t work with any incoming thought or basically with what you have in you when you look in. You basically try not to do anything but you are not making it as a process.

Meaning of above – each time it will be something new so you will have to deal with it differently only what you have to do is to look in and deal with what you have there but not getting involved in anything as much as possible but with no any pressure.

You don’t make any effort to something with what you see and you don’t do any effort to do nothing – you do nothing, you just sit.

Please don’t make it into process -> I do nothing – because it is not quite the same like – not doing nothing. If you will say: “now I am going to do nothing”, it means you are doing it so you still doing something and the goal is do nothing… so you will really rest and breaks are indication of it – no thoughts, no thinking, no talking… silence, quiet and in peace and you are aware about it.

giphy (2)

You are not learning or studying anything here, there is no method and no approach you just sit and watch and whatever is there you are not doing anything about this or with it.

With time you will notice that you are aware.

If you pick up on any thought when you notice that you just let it go. If you notice that you are talking to yourself you just let it go. If you notice anything you just let it go which means you don’t get involve. You leave as it is when you notice it.

When real master enter the garden no flower dies.

In time shortly you will know when you do something and when you not.

You will notice also that whole process goes in sort of circles.

 Each circle is completely different because there is a different content in it and all what is happening in the circle can come every time in different order but you will notice that there are a few accruing events that have some similarity and they appear periodically.

giphy (3)

Accoutring Event: slum like in the mine

You will notice also something what I call: slum like in the mine when suddenly everything will tumble and the curtain of present ­-> at the time will fall down and you will be in other but the same reality. After that you will experience something what I call: Pure Awareness. You will see something waste, something joyful and something clear what it is really you have to see it to understand.

You don’t enjoy that but just notice “it”. Actually you don’t do anything to it or with it. You don’t have to since it is something self-observatory.

All process and everything is extremely fascinating and every part of it brings similar – joy and peace.

You just suddenly see more and let say deeper and then next thought comes.

All has to be as it is so you don’t force anything and don’t grasp to anything just observe.

Differentiation of thoughts quality

You will see your regular thought and you will seeother kind of thoughts” and they have more like visions qualities.

Regular thought has something like it appear and disappear but vision is something more but still the same like a “regular thought”. Vision it comes and goes like a flash, you kind of losing “inside of you when seeing it but you are aware what you are into it. Experiencing thought is similar the difference is like old movie and movie in HD quality.

giphy (4)

Once more about azimuth

You can hear also voices, you can also talk to yourself but what you wish is to stay in clear and you can only accomplish that but not doing anything. I mean not forcing anything and not making it like you don’t do anything.

You just don’t do anything meaning particularly not going into any thought and not developing it like any other event that will take place in you.

Naturally all you need is time to understand but the good part here is there are no mistakes and no failure here. All is good no matter what you will do.

You will do things this way or that way all is great there is plenty of everything, plenty of material to watch and all is endless here and you it to go thought it to get it.

You keep your azimuth what you wish and the rest is all fun. Try not to get frustrated at time but if… so let be it – you will understand with time the nature of all nonsense.


Please remember forever also this: there is no one prescription on how to get free.

There is no one path but as many paths as many walkers. In each and every case it will be different story dependent on past events or we can say karmic dependences of each and every person.

You can do it only your own way and no one will do it the same way as you will do.

There is no one recipe so that is way thinking it will happen as this guy wrote or said about it is not correct. It happened to him this way and it will be different in your way.

Of course it is good to have a teacher and belong to group or whatever but this can be only good as that can be.

giphy (5)

All grounds fruition

Since every so called circle is different but it is all the same you never know for sure what is coming but you are confident because you know what is happening. You are fully aware and you have no idea what will happen next but you are home so this is realization of Zen I don’t know koan.

You see when all appear and disappear in your mind and this is Tantric and Vajrayana and Mahāyāna realization.

You are in peace and you are content and this is end of Hināyāna path.

Final accomplishment is:

Since there is no thought as such so there is no memory as such since there is nothing that can be viewed.

There is no thought so you can’t recognize what is past and what is present and what is future since all is at once and you can’t even say that: it is now.

You can’t say anything since nothing is said – you are silent and quite – so there is no time, there is no space there is not even nothing.

There is no thought so any meaning can be associated with anything – there is no meaning. Not because it is meaningless but because it can’t be made since there is no thought as such.

No meaning can’t be understood or mistaken like something what is defined as such. If you do so it will lose its own pri-model freshens.

No meaningin order to express its pro-model content can’t be associated with anything even with what I just said. It has no expression and no meaning. I hope you understand or glimpse that so far. You can only experience it.

Who know what is and what is not if you can make any meaning. It is like old box TV that is off but screen is sort of bright. There is no content so you can’t make much of it.

The only think what you can notice or say in this present, now, particular case is that:

this ->  what it is -> is aware… actually is self-aware – but that is all since there is no any meaning to it event the one describe here as self-aware. Meaning: even if I just told you what it is you don’t know since you have to experience it to see and experience. When you will experience you will know that there is nothing what you can say: it is.

There is not -> to know and There is not -> don’t know or not to know and there is nothing in between and there is not even is.

Not even -> “nothing” since nothing as we know is something too. It is -> nothing… and this way you can’t describe “nothing” you can only experience it.

There is no memories, there is no past present and future, there is no now you are not thinking and you even can’t recognize that since there is no thought (in order to recognize anything you need a thought) but you are self-aware of – let call it existence – and you can’t say: I am – since there is complete silence and there is no one to say that and no one to recognize that. You are off the grid.


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You are not Enlighten thought since you still may suffer but you will totally understand profound ground of it. It will not bother you as it was previously. You will for sure not suffer mentally as it was before but there will be still pain since you don’t have bodily training like yogis does (see Jetsun Milarepa case).

Yogis through torturing their bodies with pain see finally its nature and are able to manage any pain with no pain. Milarepa after achieving Enlightenment many times stated that his body is full of pain (story with doctor and door) but he said: “It makes no difference to me and what I am experiencing.

Working or not working with thoughts you will recognize different graduation of them like strong thoughts and subtle thoughts but for now you should know just that. At this point you should start looking and see and understand what we just said.

giphy (6)

How Ego was Created

For some reason our mind has tendency or habit to make something with whatever it sees. When is see first picture in it is says: it has to be me. It does not recognize that it is just false statement but it develops understanding with what is sees as real entity. It does not understand that there is nothing solid in the picture or thought or vision it sees first time but it tries to capture and hold it and add everything to it so that is how attachment is born and whole mechanism of it.

Awareness sees -> “It” sees -> it is mistaken what it sees and wish to hold it – so it become attached to it. When attachment and trying to preserve as seen come and since we know nothing can be preserve all and everything constantly change suffering comes as natural part of wanting to have.

It is the same way when you see your reflection in the mirror you know it is you but it is not since it is just refection. However, you know when you look in the mirror each time you see something different. You see happy face, not happy one, young you, older you, new hair you, morning you, evening you. You may understand that every time you look differently so you may get it that your reflection is empty – meaning all and every time is different.

Above is a good understanding – besides – that you always try to make yourself look good or better and you hate changes of old age when you see them… but at the end of the day you get it saying: “well that what it is, that is life and nothing can be done about it.

You consciously and unconsciously accept the truth that all is in the process of constant change and nothing is and will be the same.

Unfortunately not trained, blind mind that don’t see and don’t understand wish to capture this first picture and make it solid and keep it as “I” forever. So that is what gets you to the prison of suffering.

Mind see something first time and accepts as “this is me and next adds more and more to this structure. Like for example: I like this and I don’t like that. I have this view and I make this judgement. This way we create our whole personality and are taught by us and others to cherish it the most and protect.


Judeo-Christian Archetype

For sure God it has to be the one who knows everything in the past present and future.

God is everything but can we think in the name of God?

No, we can’t since we are human. As long as we will think about God and on his behalf all it will be human thinking.

It is said that at some point God decided to do this or to do that. How we can know that? We will have to be in God position to know what he decided or not.

It could be that God at some point told us what he decided so we can pass it on.

However, even if God would speak to us we will still understand it in our human way since we -> human’s have to think and we do that in our worldly way. Therefore even God’s Truth can be possessed by us in our worldly way. We can discover it in us only by our worldly way and pass it on in our worldly way. It is from thoughts and through thoughts we can have about God and this subject.

God is something more than thoughts and God is something more than subject in our head. That is maybe why God’s Image was strictly prohibited in some teachings. I believe in order to not be mistaken.

This picture, this icon, this image and this text is not a God but what I think it is.

If everyone knows that and understands that there is not a problem but in history of our relation with God not everyone did.

In terms of Bible we talk about “true inspired” truth. So in this case we don’t speak but God speak through us. So at the end of the day it is hard to define how much it is us and how much it is God in it.

Probably even the one who heard the voice of the God can’t differentiate that. It would have to be  perfect recording of God Voice played back to us so we will hear a God Voice exactly, directly and as we know it was and it is not a case,

However, even though let focus on words we have and truth in them and analyse it a bit.


God who knows everything for sure had to know that Adam and Eve will disobey. So God by planting the tree in paradise is the original cause of Eva and Adam suffering that comes after they pick up the apple. So in God’s Plan suffering was originally a main feature not happiness. People were destined to suffer but hopefully not forever.

Planting the tree with the purpose that they can’t use it God decided that suffering has to come to life of first people.

Why did God want them to suffer? I can’t say since I am not a God.

God gave first people everything but not apple. This way we presume he wanted to control them.

He gave them all the freedom but not that one to pick up the apple. So God wanted to control that part and make sure that even they have free will they will abbey him and not exercise it in this case.

It was clearly about control of everything though one means though apple.


How come control of everything?

Well this way…

We know that even if we have everything with time it means nothing to us since we already have it – everything.

Imagine that you were born and you have everything what you wish up front. Just think about that… Imagine for a while situation like this – you want something and right the way you have it. You want this you have it you want this you have it.

Or imagine this…

You never had a car, this amazing car that your neighbour had it and you wanted it so much for so long… And one day you had it and in week or two you didn’t even know that it was your biggest desire before. Well… for sure you noticed when you lose it but when you already had it, it meant nothing for you with time.

Or do you remember this…

When you were a child so your favorite toy was everything for you and when you grow up or good a new one or many new once… what did happened with the old one?


What I am trying to illustrate is an understanding that Adam and Eve had everything right in the beginning but it had no value for them since they gave it up for apple. Plus their understanding about what they have was blanc-blind. God did not teach them what is suffering or good or evil. They did not understand what they are doing when they pick up an apple. What they know was only beauty and pleasure so have they could stop themselves since they have no idea what is on other side of paradise.

In summary we can say that based what we know creation of God and particularly Adam and Eva was not a perfect one. They luck understanding of suffering and also good and evil what was important for God since God in His concept of world brought it to equation.

We have to admit also that God before creation of Universe seems like felt not complete and not fulfill – what could be strange for such Entity.

God lacks something so He creates Universe and everything in it…

Hm… as I feel about God… “It” is “Something” what is totally complete. “It” is perfect so there is no need for “It” to create Universe.


If merciful God did a good job and teach Adam and Eve before what they can lose but showing them what suffering is and what a difference between Good is and Evil and I am almost positive we will live now in paradise. Who in the right mind would choose what we have now instead of paradise?

However, in God’s Plane he decided to teach Adam and Eve what suffering and Good and Evil is but he decided to do it hard way. So hard that after all this time we are still stack on suffering station. It is not fair but who am I to judge.

Adam and Eve spoiled by everything and maybe feeling that they have nothing, not understanding what they have and what it is about choose apple.

God gave Adam and Eve everything but wanted them to obey him and he knew that they will not since he made them like that and create every possible condition so they could fail.

Did God know about snake? And why he allowed him to speak at all? Finally how did snake get to most restricted area in the first place? It supposed to be paradise and not game in hide and seek… Anyway evidence is overwhelming that is why I rest my case.


On the other side…

What Eva did was dictated by most important force that develops from the beginning up to now whole our human kind. – Need to know.

There was no evil and there was no fear at that time. It was all paradise. Eve could not possess for that reason ill will. She wanted to know. She wanted to have it all. She wanted to be like a God – perfect and completed so it does not seem like it was anything bad about it.

Besides, snake look in this light more like a rabbit than a snake as we know in our Judeo-Christian culture.

It is nothing wrong to be like a God and I feel that God wants that from us – to be good and perfect like him.

However, you will never be a God. That is why God was always singular since it can be Only one God.

Stunning fact from this story comes in understanding that since it is a God story he made it – right… so we have to agree that main point comes in form of such statement:

In order to full understand nature of God you have to understand nature of suffering what means that God suffers too.


Eva Case

For sure Eve was no hungry… what – by the way – would not be that bad if she would. It would speak in her defence but she was not.

So she had everything but she wanted to have something what she could not have it. Isn’t it the main force which we have today that moves us on? Plus again God knew that they will do it but still he planted the tree.

Desire and need awaken in Eve it was represented in Bible as snake. She heard a voice and saw a snake and she did it. She asked Adam to do the same and because he loved here he did it too. Adam trusted her… and what wrong could come to him from creature made by God from Adam’s own body. This stuff even KGB would buy is so no surprise that Adam did too.


Clearly Adam did not think thorough the whole think and why should he?  Eva asked him and he love her so it was done. Finally how bad that could be that Adam love Eve and because of that would do for her anything?

God said to first people you have everything here but you can’t make any decision since having all does not require any decision making.

Having all you don’t need self-awareness. You have all why would you be aware about something. All is done for you and you don’t have to be present.

Having all right at the spot does not require you “to be”. You are a God experiment, living in golden cage, with no identity besides being happy and enjoy what you have. You don’t have to make any decision since you have everything right away.

Suddenly or not surprisingly at all from God point of view Eve decided to make her move and get involve, to make her own decision…


“Eh… what the heck.” she probably thought. “It does not have to be really something big. Living conditions over here are great and God seems to be very sweet. Plus there is nothing about punishment… Maybe there is none… I will do it so we can be even closer – all together.”

First people probably thought base on knowledge that God provide for them that even if they will disobey in the worst scenario whole will be just little bump on the road and that is it.

Eve did it and asked Adam and he blindly did it too. She decided and he follows her and that is how “I” come to life in this story.

“I” will do it…

When it was done they figure out that they are naked and shame came along. Since there was no Ego and no any Outlook they did not see themselves and when they broke a rule they saw and first suffering come up on them – Shame.

Next God asked them why they are hiding knowing exactly why but He wanted to hear first lie also.

Bible Genesis Adam and Eva -> Click Here

In summary here we can emphasize that God that is all Good decided to frame people into good and evil division.  He put first people in no position that they could make other choice than pick up an apple. God finally created situation in which first people begun to be poses by Ego. It happened when Original Sin took place and established Universe of suffering.

However, maybe God’s plane is not so bad after all and maybe Adam and Eve were not so happy since the wanted more.

What is the difference after and before apple story?

Difference is people become independent and on their own. So looks like they had to work it out their own path to happiness. In paradise they were happy but they did not appreciated since they never experience hardship so in God’s plane to make Adam and Eve full beings he decided to make them fully understand what they lost.


It could be done better no doubt… However, if are so busy and lonely and you have only energy for six days in the raw no surprise that you can make some mistakes and not see all the consequences of your actions.

It is interesting to know that God can be pretty lonely being at times and this actually makes Him creative. I wonder also if anyone thought about God this way. People usually want something from God and are afraid that He will punishes them but who does really feel for God? And who could ever think that maybe even God sometimes needs some help.

Nevertheless, in God’s plan he promised to wash Original Sin through blood of his beloved Son. It happened already also so it seems that we should be back in paradise so far…

Classification of Buddhism in the world

(below chapter presented between marks (…) is based on information and sentences gathered from website:  www.japanese-buddhism.com)

(…) Many forms of Buddhism are actually practice around the world.

Not Buddhists follow the same teachings and the same texts. However, the core principles stay the same but different important aspects are observed in each type. Each form is also subdivided into schools.

Today we recognize three main so called vehicles in Buddhism:

– Theravada Buddhism (Hināyāna),
– Mahayana Buddhism,
– Vajrayana Buddhism.

Theravada Buddhism (Hināyāna)

Their beliefs are that each individual can attain enlightenment by himself and the best way to do this is by joining the monastic way of life as it allows for an ideal setting to dedicate one’s life to the Dharma. Lay people have a role to play also and it is partly comprised of Merit Making actions.

Mahayana Buddhism

Mahāyāna is also called the Great Vehicle, Bodhisattvayāna or the Bodhisattva Vehicle. It is the larger of the two major traditions of Buddhism existing today, the other being that of the Theravāda school. It is also the origin of the Vajrayana form.

It is mostly popular in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia and spread very widely in the west.

Major traditions of Mahāyāna Buddhism today include Zen (Chán), Pure Land, Tiantai,(Tendai in Japan) Nichiren, and Esoteric Buddhism (Shingon, Tibetan Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhists believe that they can achieve liberation of suffering through sacrificing their actions to all sentient beings. When in case of Theravada it focuses on gathering personal merit without application towards ground of all sentient beings. Theravada looks into more personal and individual awakening without involving and serving the whole Universe. Mahayana preaches that Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas are here to help us attain collective illumination.

Vajrayana Buddhism

Vajrayana is in fact part of the Mahayana school but because its emphasis on tantrism, it is often cited as a different school. It is also known as Tantric Buddhism, Tantrayāna, Lamaism, Mantrayāna, Secret Mantra, Esoteric Buddhism and the Diamond Vehicle. It is mostly active in Tibet and Japan, and in China, to some extent.

Vajrayana is a school of esoteric knowledge, secret rituals, mudras and mantras. It teaches that in order to access esoteric knowledge, the practitioner requires initiation from a skilled spiritual teacher or guru. (…)


Generally as I understood from point of view of practice and realization:

– in Theravada by descent life you create karmic conditions that lead you to existence in peace and joy. Unfortunately this path in our times I mean as we can go and see now do not delivered any enlightened being so far. It seems like main purpose of Buddhist teachings (achieving liberation from suffering) is not realized on this ground as far as we know now.

– in Mahayana and Vajrayana you may belong to center or group, have a teacher and do various practices. Through practice first you calm your mind and next teach yourself how to do visualization – which is extremely hard to accomplish. By visualization I understand that you have to animate your thinking process which means create life animation in your mind of appearing and disappearing… for example deity. In my opinion it is a process almost impossible to accomplish for un-skill and un-train, for long time mind.

The goal here is to teach you to control your mind to such extend that you can full control any appearance and disappearance that can take in your mind.

First you learn mechanism by trying to visualized appearance and disappearance of deity. Next when you master it you can control that way every thought that comes to your mind and understand their empty nature. Finally you understand your own empty nature; at that point you should be enlightened. Unfortunate similar results we observe on this path. Not even one enlightens being so far.


From Zen perspective they don’t teach you much. You come to dojo (place of practice) and you sit and watch wall or your mind. You may have teacher that will not explain you anything and you have to practice. With time you may get Koan which is a few sentences and you will have to meditate on it. No matter with what kind of answer you will come it will be wrong.

The goal here is that: not knowing nothing you should get it that any concept you will create is a wrong answer so you force yourself to look beyond it. You have to achieve mind of: I don’t know.

However, if someone will explain that to you in the beginning and you will not put any effort in search for it you will not get it. When I will explain it to you, you just get another concept and you will live in it as it was before. You will say no matter what that you don’t know because you will think that that is the right answer. However, you will not discover meaning of it.

Unfortunately in all known me case it does not matter if student was explained or not all of them felt in the same trap. They made I don’t know new branch of their knowledge. Before was: I know and now is: I don’t know – that is what they know now.

They did not catch the meaning but they develop another concept. Similarly like when you ask what is your name and great practitioner will say: I have no name. “That is a nice name” I will say. “Ladies and gentlemen his or her name is: No name.” No matter what you will say this way did delivered any results also as of now.

Honestly, no path did it in present days. Everyone is trying and there is a zero results.


If I am wrong I challenge all the schools: Show me your accomplishment and make me enlighten so I will know.

Actually I did that long and many times ago. I challenged all to make sure that we are really practicing Buddhism. So far so good – zero results.

Therefore after studding and practicing whatever came in my way I have decided to do it on my own so there you go… I feel that I am much closer than ever before.

Brain Capability

Based on science we know that brain can process on one thought at the time. Because this can happened very quickly even faster that speed of light we may thing differently but truth is – only one thought at the time.

However, many things can happen in that thought. Do we know actually when one though is gone and new one arrives?

For sure we can figure out that we are thinking about something different that before so we may say this is new and this was an old thought. Nevertheless, with constant stream of thoughts with river of them it seems like it is just thinking process.

giphy (9)

However, river that is constantly in movement is hard to pin point it is hard to say “it is” since already what we called “river – as steady structure” that already changed. So if I say: “show me the river” you can only point at a stream that is constant process of incoming changes.

There is no river as such there is only constant change that gives you all the time something new but what we call “river”.

Only because river runs most of the time in the same riverbed you may think it is a river and what I know about it. So when I say: show me a river you will and we will agree that I got it.

However, if I will change every second riverbed and place in completely different location it could be impossible for me to find what you named as river and that is precisely what is constantly happening. There is no river as such there is only constant change.

giphy (10)

Nevertheless, even river has to start for one drop so let take a closer look at it.

One drop One taste Inside

When we think “table” it is easy to imagine.

When we introduce “table in the room” it is still possible to see.

However if room is in the house and house is in the beautiful village we are getting lost and seems like “thought about village” is already another thought. So if we have more to think about we are thinking more and losing focus on “one thought” which was “table” but still table is there in the bigger picture when we thought about village.

Focus as I understand we have to see one thing so we can focus on it what makes it focus. I focus therefore I see one thing. If I see many things I am out of focus.

giphy (11)

When you focus on many things it is hardly focus and naturally we are getting lost in the river of thoughts again.

Don’t get me wrong. When you have to watch kids in daycare you can’t focus on one otherwise some could be in trouble. Therefore, it could be hard to focus and practice that in daycare where main thing is safety of kids.

If could be possible when you are Buddha so you own the space and you know about anything what is happening in it. However, Buddha ironically doesn’t focus anymore because he let it go of everything (there is nothing to focus on for Buddha). But you in order to accomplish that for sure would decide to think – just a little bit – about that.

In summary when we try to apply focus to our practice to see already complicated process of one though appearing and disappearing and understand how our mind works with it we have to make it as simple as possible. We try to focus which means we do only one thing – we look inside.

giphy (12)

In many Buddhist practices it is already too much. Too many instructions to follow and things to watch so that is way it is hard to focus. You can’t do two things at the same moment. You can do one by one or do it faster so it is hard to notice and remember what you just did.

When you practice and try to do more you will lose focus and repeating that process over and over again will make you even more tired and frustrated.

That is why only what we do is: observe.

You take some as most as possible comfortable position and you look inside of you with close eyes. When you will fall asleep what will happen most likely that is cool but when you wake up do the same –> observe.

Healing properties

When you do it only what you do is try to not to go into anything you see there. Do not develop any seeing thoughts and try not to talk to any content you see, just try to be quiet and that is already enough.

Woman with insomnia

  1. How to fix Insomnia

When you will only observe as advice here and being in bed guarantee you will sleep in no more than 15 minutes.

However again, you can sleep only that much so please when you wake up spend more time in bed and observe.

Unless you have to go to work or school so maybe 1 minute or 2 but it can be a challenge – I have to admit – because you can fall asleep in no time again.

Generally 10 or 15 hours in bed non-stop and you should be able to see it for long and extensive period of time what is in you.

When you will have enough you may be a bit in other world sort of looking sleepy, sleepy but for sure fresh and restful.

Just watch and be quite.

When pure awareness come – so you have some sense how long it last but when you get lost in thought it is hard to imagine how long it took. However, next you will become aware again and have a sense that you were lost. You may even remember what you thought about just a few seconds before but let it go.


All of these will heal you mentally in no time. Only what you will have to deal with will be physical pain when come to your life but mentally you will become strong and steady.

  1. How to practice – “let it go” in real life…

In real time, in real – regular life you can learn how to let it go and you can practice that which can be very useful in resting time.

How to do it? When there is a tension – for example you have to say something or prove yourself to other person – at the peak of discussion, at this moment that simply you have to say it… you let it go and you won’t. The result is amazing, Trust me.

The same in any intense situation no matter of outcome you let it go. You don’t have to stand on the hill of your accomplishment or rush (the other person don’t care anyway, no matter what you say or do) you let it go and in no time this will make into you sitting practice – for sure.

  1. How to stop talkative habit

If you feel that during practice you talk too much and you can’t stop it imagine your throat (which has to open and close in order you to talk), imagine that it is fully open like a big muscle or pipe and just keep like that – open, silent.

  1. How to fix your eating habit

If you have a few pounds too much only what you have to do is stop eating.

Eat once per day if you don’t have too much demanding job and when cravings for more food come to you – just watch them.

main shutterstock_67484833

Similarly like other habits too much eating may be no good. So as we already mentioned to get rid of them instead following cravings that are physical part of equation or following images in your mind that may trigger cravings or talking yourself into more eating – you observer. You look at it. You focus at it when they arise and don’t do anything. You just watch. In time doing so it will be nothing left. No more cravings and no more wrong habits.

As you learn to do things you will unlearn them and there is no other way.

This is a process which will definitely and ultimately define who you are as person. This is the process in which you will define yourself to yourself. What kind of decisions you make it will mean who you are. You will be your own judge.

No matter of judgement and defining process you still can be happy. Depends how you will relate to this truth.

In extreme approach you take one bowl of rice with milk per day for 4 months and you can lose minimum 20 kilograms.


Remember if you eat the other way than extreme approach always with each meal fill only 2/3 of your stomach. This way you will never have problems with weight… unless you will do that 100 times per day or something… (we like to be creative – I know).

Remember also to wait 10 or 15 minutes after eating a bit so you will know how hungry you are or not. Basically let food reach your stomach so you know if you need more. Don’t pack more and more before you need it and know that you want more. You will know that when food reach your stomach. By the way as you know your stomach is usually very small.

However, if you eat a lot your stomach becomes bigger and bigger. So first thing when you try to lose weight is – shrink it. It may take month with extreme approach and usually in the beginning of the process you are very hungry (day or two). In this case when you are hungry – drink tea.

On other note do you know at least why you eat so much?

Most of the time when you are busy with thinking about problems after some time this process takes you down. You become naturally stressful and depress and that adds to it. When you are at that stage eating gives you some extra energy and brings you up, makes you feel good – for a while. So it becomes your refuge. You are down and you wish to go up and you eat. Usually when you eat you go up, you stay there for a while and you may slowly go down or if something unexpected happens (this is in most of the cases) you go crashing down.

giphy (7)

At the end of the day with everything what you do when you are for a while in depress-stage you (consciously and unconsciously) get involve with game of up and down. You do everything to heal and go up and all surrounding it seems like takes you down. This create strong dissonance with viewing realities when perceive as outer or inner. I am not spending here more time on that subject since I will elaborate about it in separate scripture titled: Energy flows and our Devine Nature.

Anyway when you gain some inside and are able to see your inner field (just something more than constant stream of thoughts and thinking process) what may take around one month… When you have this accomplish imagine any habit and craving that come to you as a Frisbee (toy) or saucer flying in the middle of the space that you are in. Imagine it like that, hanging there and watch it.

Last Remarks

The best news here is that actually these who had the most problems are most suitable to succeed. You can’t practice this if you have no problems. When you practice deepest traumas and disadvantages these become the best fuel to see all quickly. You just have to burn them on pile of your achievement.

For example you are fat or ugly… For example you hate that.

When trauma about these things or others comes to you in form of strong feeling you just watch that and that is it. No talking, no developing – all what comes with it just watch and you will see how liberating is that.

Next you will have to only learn how to accept yourself when others view you as fat or ugly. When you will experience thoughts or feelings of rejection or judgement during moment of confrontation with others… Whatever it will be and no matter how uncomfortable that is the best time to practice, look at it, see it and it will go away. You will be amazed how fast you will get deep inside into you by doing so.

You lost your boyfriend or girlfriend, you have no money, you had a bad day at work, you made mistake, you feel stupid, you become shopaholic, you have some additions ext. We recycle everything in use in our engine to see and understand… Just look at it and watch as all plays in you… I am positive that even tomorrow you will be there and unbeatable…

You will be strong and nothing will move you and this is just the beginning of the journey. Each day and each trying it gets better and better and is more fascinating.

Because America that is such a broken place, such a sick place of pain and misery it is actually amazing. It looks like and appears like one of the best places for personal growth.

And as Jesus said: not healthy but sick are the one that needs the most help. So it seems like it is a great place for him to spend his vacation or even retire.


.                                                                                                                                                                                   .

Time, Space and Your Faith How to blow up your Ego – Matrix Reloaded (September 13 2015)

Happiness is a feeling based on understanding that everything will be good. There is no time zone for it. If you know that finally everything will be good this is a reason to feel happy. In this model you can suffer tremendously on the path but it does not change the outcome. You know… and this makes you happy.

In above structure you still “need something” to feel happy about. You need mentioned above understanding that all will be good and this makes it human ground approach.


In Buddhism when you become awaken you don’t need anything to be happy and it is not most of the time about feelings… Well whole thing it is a paradox based on paradox so it is hard to define as “it is”.

However, to make it about feelings you will have to have at least two of them and they will have to change from one to another. We know that feelings like to change and they usually do. Actually this makes one of the biggest problems because when they change it often hurts so we suffer.

There is no way to capture “feeling” and keep it forever so it may be painful if someone chases after that. Therefore in Buddhist understanding of happiness, happiness is not particularly about feelings.

It is not that Buddhists are cyborgs without feelings, nothing like that. We are like others you can even say that we feel more since we try to do it in the name of all. However, since we wish to get free from suffering we do not focus on feelings as means of achieving peace. It would be probably impossible to do so by running from feeling to feeling or creating more and more of them. Instead we observe feelings and try to see how illusive they are.  Through practice we are establishing one ground of seeing and this is our refuge.


In decoding paradox on paradox relationship we should say that our first paradox is based on truth that suffering is an opposite feeling to happiness. I will point exactly at paradox one and show paradox two in further part of this text.

In the beginning let me define our traditional system:

Our lives and logic – it is a foundation for understanding reality which is built on opposite poles.

Good is defined by bad, love by hate, beauty is defined by ugly, smart is defined by stupid ext. In this structure if there is good that has to be bad or you cannot define it. I mean if there will be no bad you could not define good. So philosophically and in a way how our logic and understanding go all is based on how our language and concept works. For example you will have no understanding of love if hate would not be part of equation.

You may say: you need hate to understand what love is. In this correlation which describes whole our basic structure of understanding plus is defined by minus or there is no way.

If you will take closer look you may say this is like a trap since there is no way out. You will never create Universe of Love and Goodness because in order to do so you have to bring hate and bad to equation. This may make you feel hopeless and in a sense you may give up but you should not since honestly there is no logic as we may think in The Universe. Well there is one but not the one we understand as our logic.

The logic that governs The Universe is the one that you can’t understand in common sense in our common understanding.

Unfortunately you can’t overturn system that govern our lives and make it illogical because we can’t communicate that way, in illogical way. However, in order to understand and see whole picture you have to admit that life is logical and illogical so again we have something logical.

In order to be communicative we have to maintain old or natural structure of understanding to understand or there is no point. If there is no communication and no understanding there is little value in it. Nevertheless, The Space which is part of our divagation is beyond what we can talk about.  I mean it can’t be defined since it is limitless and we are not able to understand limitless because of limitation that we put on ourselves in order to be communicative. So how to define something what can’t be defined?

I will make it simple – you have to know that all will be good.

So we are back to the beginning of our thinking process but I would like to stay for a while in my previous thought.

pablo-picasso-1                                                    Pablo Picasso

For that matter I will call on Pablo Picasso. I believe that he understood correctly the whole process. First he became master in old form. For example he perfectly drew horses in a gallop and next he transformed old form and gave up many lines in process of simplicity and artistic expression. We can say that he understood totally reality of drawing, reality of form.  He became master, like a God of form so he ruled in his world and abandoned many rules in order to deliver the most crucial one, the most important one – achieving the best content to could express him in the best possible way.

At some point the old form became too little for him to explain his sorrow for example about horror of war. So he made it this way that he could feel that his pain is represented on canvas as best as it could be.

Pablo Picasso amd Guerenica

In a way this is basically what we do. Of course this does not apply to all cases since you can’t describe infinity (and infinite number of artists has been trying to find their language) but this is a good path to get there.

So The Path is:

First you understand everything as much as you can, the whole knowledge, in order to understand that there is something that you will never get it and you focus on that so you may see whole picture.

However, actually in the beginning there is something more, something what comes before you start whole process. You need to feel that you want to do it and here is your vow… that you should never abandon, you should never give up – otherwise what the point… unless you like to waste time.

If you feel at some point that you wish to understand all (what is a foundation for any educational process) you vow that you will never stop unless you get it and then in order to get it (when you go through all the stages of learning) you have to give up on your main vow when you know what you are giving up.

If you will give up right the way making a short cut there is no a big difference between giving up and not giving up since you are blind in a sense of knowing. It is hard to imagine that you will become Picasso jumping out from your bed after spending there whole your life being and suddenly saying: I am the One. The main difference between you and Pablo are all these years of his trying to get there…

So you have to enlighten yourself in order to know and give it up in order to become enlighten in order to know that you could not understand the way you thought you could. -> This is our Diagonal Paradox – a paradox frame of everything but not the one I mention in the beginning which is a lower case one.

image (1)

Diagonal Paradox Definition

Diagonal Paradox is a composite of every paradox and gradually it shows its face when we go from one to another from the beginning to the end. We are introducing it to get that there is no beginning and no end and when we grasp the taste of that meaning we can possible catch the Meaning of Space since we can’t understand.

Explanation of The Method

Our primary axiom is: We are using a method to go beyond the method with understanding that it is impossible to do.

As long as you will understand this correctly you will get it. You will get it which means you will not understand. The only think that you have to understand is that you really, truly don’t understand.

Our final axiom, fruition should be:  We are beyond understanding because we will not understand which will become our understanding or our inside. I hope that is clear.

If you don’t understand anything at this point that is exactly where you should be but if you got it so you don’t understand anything which is a success also.

All Buddhist instructions about understanding actually put your mind in spin. In order to understand you have to understand that you can’t. I know this it is pretty annoying truth and method. I deal with it for last 30 years but when you finally give up the chase of your thoughts you become at ease and that is the time when study starts.

So now there is a time I can explain my case that defines all the rules or diminish them – I mean abolishes all of them but I will talk about that at the end.


Let go to the beginning again.

All you have to know is that all will be good.

In the beginning of working with Diagonal Paradox you should know that you can suffer and be happy and when you know that all will be good.

It doesn’t mean that you should inflict suffering on others or on you but take it as it is (suffering) and be happy as much as you can. So there you go now I am pointing at first paradox –> you can suffer and you can be happy.

So we have here two excluding itself meanings – happiness and suffering – which are working in conjunction and complement one another. Suffering becomes happiness and happiness becomes suffering.

Of course this is not a prescription how to exercise things in real life. I mean you should not make someone suffer in order to explain him that suffering doesn’t exist. However, you should understand that these are all mind constructs.

What you will see when you will look more widely that not only suffering and happiness comes from mind but whole paradox story is a mind creation also and this is paradox two. Not only good or bad does not exist but the way how you decide to look at it does not exist at all -> All is creation of your mind which does not exist also since it is a though as well.

Finally everything what you have in your head was created there, inside of your head and for you there is no other reality but the one that you view in your head.


How brain works

From five senses all information goes to your brain and project there picture of reality. It is like a movie that is going on constantly in your mind/brain. You don’t see it because you are main character in this movie but when you sit in the front of the screen in no time you will know it.

Introduction to mind

What you see right now is not a reality but projection of it in your mind. So no matter what it is – all is creation of your mind as well as suffering is.

Naturally when you suffer and there is no fix for it philosophy does not make much difference does not help and what we do here is just another talk.

Correction for all paths

Suffering will not go away if you will understand how it works. I hope that it will go away if you will spend enough time seeing that it is just an illusion.

Further when you will understand that there is no paradox at all you have to see that all is result of all what you did. No one else did it but You and only You can fix it and – or – but I will help you with that so wait to the End.


More about me and attitude

My problem is that I have to share it in order to get it. I feel that I was design like that otherwise if I don’t share I don’t feel happy.

My happiness is defined by giving up so I am pretty much on basic ground of understanding which means I am not higher being. I am quite like you so it is possible for me by me and you can do it too – If you like.

There is nothing that you have to. If you really do not find in you is not worth anything. Not that I have to value that if that has no value for you it is not worth anything.

Buddha said (paraphrased quotation): Finally everyone will have to achieve Enlightenment. There is only a question of time and suffering that she or he wish to undergo through.


In Buddhism happiness is defined in ultimate way. You don’t need anything to be happy. Since I don’t feel yet the other way I need to share. So that is me…

In Buddhism happiness has no cause and no reason – like a Space it does not need that.

Space as we understand is beyond time since was never created so will never die.

Enlighten mind is like a space. You are happy because you are happy. It is ultimate and you don’t need anything to support that claim. You don’t need any food to feed it. You are ultimately happy. You don’t need any object or subject to be happy and this makes you happy and this is a final accomplishment of Diagonal Paradox.

One of the differences between Buddhism and Christianity is fact that Christianity wishes you love and Buddhism wishes you happiness. Ultimately there is no difference because well understood love is happiness.

On the ground level you need an object or a subject to love (even if you love yourself) and basically you love to be happy. Diagonal Paradox takes place in this equation in shape of belief:

I don’t wish to love or I don’t wish to be happy

but you do so on main level because you are confused (this is the way how you call for love and happiness)

or on another level when you have philosophy about it and belief – that you don’t wish that – because that what makes you happy. You don’t want to be happy and that what makes you happy. So Happiness governs all leads here.

You can be happy because of something and that is a main approach.

You can be ultimately happy when there is no any requirement anymore to support state of “you being happy”.

No matter what and how we will explain happiness you can’t fake it. If you don’t feel it you don’t feel it and you know that since this is a personal feeling. You are not happy so you still suffer.

If you need something to be happy the answer is: there is nothing out there that will make you fulfill and complete. You will always need something more or something else.

If you wish ultimate happiness you practice and it can be done in every moment with any day schedule you have it.

Exception from the path

You can’t say I don’t need anything to be happy but still suffer unless being mistaken you like suffering and this makes you happy so this is not the path we walk here. If you need anything even suffering in your life this is not ultimate approach that way it is mistaken.

At the end of the day if you are so happy with your suffering I don’t need to know that. You are satisfied. You are happy and you don’t need anything even telling me how happy you are. It make sort of sense to me.

However, when you come to me I deal with suffering and I get rid of it that is all – what next is up to you.


His Holiness Dalai Lama wrote in one of his books: “love wishes happiness and compassion wishes liberation from suffering” so we have here another take on subject of happiness and we have for the first time compassion.

When last Buddha achieved Enlightenment… Well I am not sure why he would like to teach. If I would be a Buddha I would not need that because – I guess – I would not need anything, anymore… since I am Buddha. Even If Buddha responded to request to teach (as history tell us) why would he need that? I don’t know.

Presence of Buddha for us is important in order to know that Enlightenment is possible. This is only one thing we have to be sure about. We can’t be sure as long as we will not achieve it.

One day Steve Jobs said that he is Enlighten… he felt so. He said that to his Buddhist master and his teacher asked him to prove it (see movie below).

No one who is not Enlighten will understand what Enlightenment is. So you it is impossible to prove to someone who is not the one and when you are Enlighten you don’t ask such question – you know.

Steve Jobs
Please watch movie The Man in the Machine
Moving and intimate story about life the most important innovator of XX century

Definition of Buddha

Being Buddha or being Enlighten means to know everything. It is all and complete. It is perfect in everything and everywhere. That is what means to be Buddha and if there is something missing in profile of Awaken One so it is not Buddha. We are talking about definition and if someone does not fit it does not change the definition.

I am not sure if becoming Enlighten is possible or not but I have very good sense after 30 years of research on that field that this is something worth it to devote and dedicate whole my life.

By the way in Buddhism they have very beautiful explanation why Buddha taught.

They claim that whole Universe is filled with compassion and that every atom vibrates with love and that from time to time another Buddha is awakened to rejuvenate the teachings.

The only purpose of having Buddha as living being is to teach and to show the path. Therefor everything in life of such beings like Buddha and Christ is to pass teachings. There is no mistakes and no failure in their lives because in very definition and the sole purpose of arrival of these who emerged from compassionate space is to correct and set it right.

Meaning of compassion in Polish language illustrates something what is common for everyone and something that we all feel.

Crypt of Polish king Wladyslaw III Warenczyk Krakow – Wawel – Poland

In old meaning in Polish language it sounds even more inspiring:

Here is Polish word: współudczuwanie

Wspó – all of us and every one common

Uczuwanie – they feel

When you have that, when you reach apogee of that there is no more you there is only we. So just practicing that may make you free.

I have compassion and this is not my brain that has it since it can only process it but it is mostly my heart that can generate. That is why when you ask Tibetan person where the mind is? You will see they point at the heart is.

Because of that I have strong believe that there is no problem in dehumanization during developing of technological or computing processes. Never, ever computer will replace humans during process of growth. It is impossible since only human and human contact can ensure development of next generation. Human being can’t learn nothing form and will not learn nothing form computers no matter how good they will be.

They will never pass to another human what is written in our Godly Code (see video below). It is impossible for them to carry on from generation to generation the most important knowledge – The Knowledge of Being. It can only happen when human does it to human. There will be no human if human will not do it. When I will not give it to you what I call it – The Secret of Being.

Time and Space

There is no time if no one measure it space is not getting older. Everything in space is in process of constant change, process of creating and de-creating. That is way old and young come to life.

In mathematical description you need to follow logic and this logic can describe only that much. You can’t describe something what is bondless and out of logic. You can only do so by making it logical as I did now so you can understand.

I am telling you now: there is only one logical way to describe illogical as – illogical.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda Golden Rock
According to legend, the Golden Rock itself is precariously perched on a strand of the Buddha’s hair. The balancing rock seems to defy gravity, as it perpetually appears to be on the verge of rolling down the hill.

To have full equation of Universe it has to be something logical and illogical. In terms of logical you can make it as you like. I made it as “logical and illogical”. However, about illogical part you can’t do much.

To make it really illogical you will have to do it as such – so no one will understand.

The same way like infinity you can’t understand so it is illogical or belongs to this group.

Every second Universe dies and is reborn again. Universe is empty – meaning the nature of it is a constant change. In every second it is something new and you can’t describe that in steady mathematical form but you can grasp it or understand as I just explain.

What I said now is already past and nothing will be the same, not anymore. Besides the new just comes that is already old. If you will follow this equation purely and fully you can understand that you can’t attached to it.

Your senses in motion of constant change that you can’t attached to it… it seems like Enlightenment, it seems like freedom and the end of your suffering and the end of your fear about passing by like all when happened so far.


You have to understand that if you will not attach to it you won’t grasp but this is very hard to accomplish. You already did attach to what I wrote. You went through all the motion so I did again imprison you in the concept, my concept. So threw it away this is just another bullshit and nothing more.

Sorry for being brutal but please go from moment to moment and do not give and do not live anything in it – mentally.

You can’t touch the time and that is a good thing. When you will start living in it – it will take you to grave.

Understand this:

Now is the new moment all is new

Now is new moment


How can you attach to it? What is the point? Next will be new moment and all will be new and new rules and everything… Why should you attached to this one?


I believe I can follow that change and be at ease and I believe that I can pass it to you. There are no teachings. You will see what I see and that is a full story.

After all Buddha said (paraphrased quote): “Time of the practice that will take ant a walk from top your nose and back is much more valuable that all words.

African American businessman meditating on desk

Summary – Short Version
How to practice it

As we said so far first we try to see any given thought and for that purpose we have to look inside, in our mind or brain where thoughts are created.

Next we investigate and we see our primary paradox. After throughral research we understand and we see that we construct our reality based on logic which is in a sense illogical, sterilized, artificial and synthetic. We don’t see full picture.

We understand and see also that we imprisoned ourselves in concepts that first of all don’t give us hope for future, hope for real Civilization of Love since good always has to be carry out with bad like love with hate.

We start to see also and understand vaguely but a bit that all these concepts since created in our mind have illusory existence. They come to life when we think through them and are gone when we are not.

We are slowly seeing and understand that we can’t rely on something what is so illusive what has no inherent existence which means comes and goes and each time seems to be something else – something more or something less.

We start to see and understand that the way we think – through logic and concept – gives us only one destination – suffering.

However, we are still not convinced, we don’t own this truth so it is not ours we don’t see it fully. It sounds ok. It is logical which is already strange but we are not convinced. We still feel at this point that so far was so good and that reality and everything we lived through should define our further approach and define us. So it is hard to give up on that plus there is no guarantee that presented views here are reality as it is. It could be the world and everything is much more complicated and etc. we believe, we think. Basically we are traditional and rely on old what we already now and have experience about.

It does not matter that presented truth here was never subject of our divagation and we are on uncharted waters… well and who knows maybe that is the biggest problem.

It does not matter that we never saw things like that and never thought about it what basically means we should have at least open mind about it.

It does not matter that so far whatever we tried brought us the same results… We suffer and we are unhappy.

It does not matter – we like to cling to old because we are paralyzed by fear that we can lose something.


Actually it is very true. I mean your fear about losing. Knowing so and doing so you will lose everything but you will gain peace of mind and confidence about it. I mean it won’t be technical like material lost. This will not happen since all is here free of charge, the best deal ever not matter how suspicious you can be about “all for free”. But mentally your material stuff will no longer be source of your concern and happiness so I am not sure how you will appreciate that (archetype of King Midas). By the way isn’t it that you will lose everything anyway when last day of your life comes in a way how you see and do things now?

Today as things are, the way as we think it is like living in the same house with Jesus and terrorist and hoping that Jesus will save us. Accepting good immediately brigs bad to equation so there is no way out and no room for paradise in Universe and possibly at all. You go to heaven maybe one day you disobey God Father there and you go to hell. Definitely there is possibility here and how much do we know about heaven?


The good thing here on lighter note is that Jesus was considered to be a terrorist during his time so at least he was renting only one room in mentioned previously house so that way we could safe a bit.

Honestly Jesus was a terrorist in a senseTerrorist of Love. Love me and my father or there is no heaven for you he said. Does it sound familiar? Does it sound like a treat? Happily Jesus never used any means of violence what make him completely exceptional and unique.

Anyway we remain deeply suspicious about whole thinking process so we don’t trust and no talk can change that.

Therefor we introduced secondary paradox which was already primary one.


When we saw our thought we understood what it is and how it works.

Our brain or mind creates thoughts and they come and go.

Actually it is a nature of mind to do so.  Mind creates thoughts and that what he is design to do. If there is no thought – looking from your point of view there is no mind. Why? Because you can know things only through thoughts – at least so far. If you will not catch a thought about your mind you will never know about it. So to know about mind and to see it you have to look into it and catch the thought like: this is my mind and I see it through my or this thought. Actually seeing and understanding that puts us one dimension further or one screen further in front of us. This way we know more about whole process and we see deeper.

So we saw a thought and understood that we are seeing it. We had following situation:  a thought and the one who was seeing it. However, the one who was seeing it was just another thought. Understanding this is very important and is a bit on hard part but this is the main factor of whole transformation.

The understanding is:

One thought was observed by another thought.

Your main problem is that “this – another thought” that you call “I” and that is a bigi one that is a root cause of your suffering. Not seeing and not understanding that.


Let explain it again:

Let get some thought like thought about cake – cake
Now – I am observing this thought

Since my mind create thoughts and I can understand world only through thoughts the one who observe and understand and see it has to be thought too.

I know it is hard and you may not see the point here and you have to see it to understand.

When you think – “cake” you don’t think that you are a cake but when you think “I” why do you think so?

Therefore we have:

Cake – is a thought
I see cake – is a thought
All my understanding now what I explained – is a thought too

It is an endless process since so more and more of it losing its educational purpose at this point. Point is – all are thoughts.

Even if this was so amazingly explain to you, you may still rejected. I did. Knowing is one and seeing is something else. Actually when you see you know but not always when you know you see. So what you do you sit and observe what is inside of you. You observe your mind and thoughts it creates. In no time you will understand what is and what stays forever and what just comes and goes. Actually watching your mind is the best entertainment ever. There is no other entertainment besides the one that has to go through your mind so you already have everything to be really well entertained.

By the way there is no outer or inner. From your point of view since you view all from inside of you, through your head and inside your head there is only inside there is only one thing that is happening in your head.

Actually, honestly we can’t be sure what is outside of our bodies since we never checked that. Only what we know is information that we gather in our brain that come to it thorough our senses. So it could be anything out there. You can picture this like that.

Your body is like a space suit and you are for example on the moon. Just think how much actually man knows about the moon that is inside the suit?

What you should do is to sit and see by yourself. Next you will understand totally how that works and next you will have to decide and choose what you wish to follow. On one side you have thoughts and all emotions that they generate. You were doing this as long as you can remember. On other side you seeing and understanding. Not much changed on this side. You are just in full control of your destiny and not like leaf that is thrown on the wind here and there with every blow of your feelings. When you are in control what finally comes with not controlling anything just seeing and understanding that gives limitless peace of mind. This is a source of your vortex – seeing and understanding.

Here you are. From that point you are on your own.

Suffering or not that is a question… strength or habits… life forever or more of the same.

Editorial Note:

Any animals killed in this production bla bla bla… it was a fake and they did not suffer – hehehe… so this is just a joke.

But now seriously – No rules were abandoned here since as my professor of math at grade five Mrs. Zajac though me – Exception make a rule certain.


Christianity – Big Picture (September 6 2015)

Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani – no one is sure what and why Jesus said this words dying on the cross.  

In this sentence we have name of God – Father -> Eli
In this sentence we understanding that Jesus Man and God is no longer in arms of his father. Jesus was forsaken or abandoned.

The cross- symbol of God's love to people

I believe that it is less likely that Christ visited hell realm after he gave up his spirit. It seems to be not logical to me. Jesus as tradition says was half man and half God but there is nothing mathematical in this statement. He was totally God and totally man at the same moment. Being such he has to be present everywhere and in every moment. He has to be present in hell also. Therefore special trip to hell after he gave up his spirit don’t make any sense if he was already there all the time.

In Polish translation of the Bible Jesus death is describe by word that can be hardly found in English language so I will explain meaning of it.

Jesus give up his spirit in Polish translation means a process which you can see for example when Dragon breaths the fire. Something from within comes out through your mouth.

Jezus wyzionął ducha

What means Jesus gave up his spirit through process of breath… last breath. After that his physical body was no longer to be considered alive. So we can say his spirit went out with his last breath.

It is interesting that I did not find in this description any sentence that Jesus died but that he “wyzionął ducha”.

This leads us to another understanding:

There is a physical body that vanishes as we know after death and there is something more what makes this body alive and after process of death this something has a continuum.

In my opinion from Buddhist point of view Jesus was one of the greatest Bodhisattvas living on planet Earth – Bodhisattvas of Limitless Compassion. During the time when he was fasting on desert he was able to give up all his attachment and purify all his worldly mind obscuration but… Leaving the desert he kept in his mind only one belief that separated him from full awakening – love for his father. In final moments on the cross he abandoned even that and achieved ultimate stage of human development – Enlighten Mind.

Naturally thee are all speculations. There is no need to change anything base on them since long tradition of Main Stream Church deals with passed from generation to generation truth wisely and properly. There is no need also to argue with this view since main reason of sharing it is to bring more joy to those that believe in Christ.

According my understanding disciples of Jesus set a linage that now flourishes from Rome therefore this line should be considered as Main Stream since from it the other emerged.

Nevertheless, we have to admit that based on information in Bible qualities of Jesus spiritual achievement after his death completely fit into description of Buddhist Rainbow Body. He walked through the walls, he could be seen and heard in a few places at the same time, he was perceive as body of light and he asked not to be touch. These are main factors of Rainbow Body.

There are some stories that Jesus was even a Buddhist monk but so far this claim did not find many followers.

There is also belief that there is another missing chapter of Bible hidden in Vatican library that speaks about Jesus in context what we call today Buddhism. Such chapter was even published since I was able to see it. Unfortunately for some reason I did not read it.

In Buddhism we have believe that the greatest proof about someone qualities for being The One or a great master is fact how alive is its linage through the time. So far for sure we can say based on presented here formula that Jesus was expected Messiah and son of God.

In terms of Buddhism and Buddha, He had only one thing in mind to make you free from suffering. We can say that in many cases Jesus had similar mission. Just these two gentlemen have offered different methods to accomplish that.

From Buddhist point of view there is no God. However, Buddhism is not Atheism. Theism is a system of beliefs based on creator like God and Atheism do not belief in such. However, Buddhism is viewed as Non-theism movement. In order to understand that you have to imagine for example distant planet on which no one ever heard about concept of God. Buddhist are the one who are born on such planet. We never asked question about God since we never come up with such idea.

In case of me I can’t say that God exist or not. I don’t know… but I have enough experience and experiences with “something” that I can’t define. However, I understood Buddhism quite well so I have to say that Buddhist doesn’t have God and I am Buddhist.

If you are Christian and you wish to achieve freedom from suffering Buddha will never have problem with that. You don’t have to do anything besides have a wish.

If you are Buddhist you have to accept that Jesus was Bodhisattva that accomplished highest level of realisation.

Besides these two above statements there are not many similarities between these two paths… Almost nothing since they grew on completely different grounds. So even if you will think that there is something actually there is nothing.

John Paul The Great
Toronto Youth Day 2002
Miracle of The Light (see video time: 2.08.2)

In next chapter of our considerations time, space and faith and also introduction to simple equation for everything:

Infinity equal everything


Origin of Christian Faith Jesus and his Family (September 2 2015)

History of Christianity starts with Mary Mother of Jesus. Of course it started long before because Mary had to be born and ext.. but living story starts with Woman. That is actually foundation of the Jesus Church.

So many talked before about Messiah but it was just plain preparation for Christ arrival. Nevertheless, when Mary Mother of Jesus heard a voice and saw visions it was a first chapter of talking which was taking place in real life.


Mary most likely was a teenager between 16 and 17 years old when fruit of Father God was placed in her womb. Why did God that can everything decided to go with such project non one will know. Probably He wished to respect natural law of things with a little bit of the twist.

It was not a problem for God to know that Mary was a teen. For sure God was aware about the future and how things will sound after all but He decided to proceed with his plan.

So Mary was a teen and she was pregnant which was natural at that time. However, it was quite exceptional to be a teen and did not have an earthly father. At this point Joseph adoptive father of Jesus came to play.


Again God that cans everything did not need to care if Mary has husband or not but… He did care about it. Mary had to have an earthly father for her child. This fact teaches us a lot. God decided to respect social and moral order of local and time frame of history.

There is no other way to say like say that God decided to found his church on Earth by placing his son in womb of Mary so Mother of Jesus is a foundation of Christian church.

There is not much about wedding between Mary and Joseph in Bible it seems like it was not that important but bond between Mary and Joseph was. Joseph decided to care about Mary and Jesus because he believed what he heard and saw in visions. He believed that Jesus was a son of God, but most importantly because he cared about Mary. God did not come every morning to Joseph saying this is my son and this is Mary your wife but Joseph had to maintain that truth all the time in order to show and generate real and sincere care. He did so and this makes him a great father.

To put it in very simple daily terms Joseph accepted a child that was not his and he cared about him like for his own. This teaches us a lot also. This shows us how we should take care about every child that comes to life.


There are some stories about Jesus and Marya Magdalena. Some of them claimed that she was a wife of Jesus with whom she had a son name Mark or whatever… (we hear also about two sons but that is not a point). If such claims could be the truth we have a little room here for crucifixion and resurrection. Such stories could be the truth like every story by they don’t talk about Jesus that we know as son of God and savior who was risen from death to fulfill wishes of his father.

There is no doubts based on accepted by main stream Church scriptures that Maria Magdalena was extremely important for Jesus. She was present around him during most crucial moments of his life and not only. She (no matter who she was) was “The Woman” the only one who passed the whole “living and dying test” – “the test of time”.

Only Her Love was unshaken. No fear and no loss changed her faith in Jesus, her faith was based on Pure Love and quiet admiration. She maintained unwavering love towards Christ and she showed by her sincere actions that she is the one who understood in the best way the message… There was no failure on her part and no darkness. The Light of Jesus Teachings that were expressed by his being never abandoned heart of Mary.

When the world plunged in darkness because even Peter refuse him, when all escaped and deny knowledge about his beloved teacher only her keep brightly torch of her simple understanding. She never stopped to love Jesus and that is a fact. She carried all the treasures through the time during his departure. No one thought her that, no one asked her to do so, no one demanded, no one threaten – she had it. She simply loved him all the time. Once Jesus gave her his hand and she never let it go. For her Jesus never died so she never died for him.

It is not surprising in that light that she was the first to know that Christ was risen from death so she is the one who has total copy rights for it – forever.  She is everything in the beginning – when Jesus was placed in her womb, in the middle – when he died and was risen from death when she maintain her love and never abandon Joshua, and in the end – that we don’t know what will be.

Jesus asked just for one thing: never stop loving me. You can’t teach love… You have it or not and she Is.

Nevertheless, there were 12 disciples and they only received blessings to become priests and this can never change if we talk about the Church we know. It has to stay like that. It is not a subject for any discussion. It means if you wish to talk about it you wish that it will be changed. Anyway we have discussion right now – it can never change – and this is the end of discussion. If we change that something very important will be gone.

Of course you can change everything at the end of the day nothing has any meaning. If you wish to have life with no meaning you very welcome.

However, there is no problem as I see. You have many other options. You can be female priest and you are and Christ accepts that. Do you think if he could not you would? Just mainstream has to be untouched or there will be no main stream.


Actually historically Marya Magdalena was never woman of sin as we know. Church tried to work with that – sometimes with better sometimes with worst results… but for sure she was a huge topic on its agenda.

Mary is like home and family and priests are the workers and that is the order we have.

Mary through the history had many faces. You would be surprised… For or example that most celebrated face of Mary in Poland the one in which John Paul The Great completely put his trust Black Madonna in holy shrine of Czestochowa originate from Ethiopia.


Well… It may or may not but for sure it is a Black Madonna and we are talking here about the pigment there is no doubt about it.

Finally – in this lecture – it is good to know how John Paul The Great become The Greatest Pope of all time.


During The Second World War when Germans came to his house he lay down on the floor in his upper room and prayed to Mother of God… and he was saved… since than all was simple. The same happened when he was fatally shot but this time we had Holy Mother from Fatima.


Celebrating Visit of Pope Francis in USA (August 30 2015)

For the next month we are going to celebrate visit of Holy Father in USA. It is a very costly event I always complained about that but it is also very beneficial one. The blessing is a very unique one and for sure will change lives of many for good and forever.


I will share with you exciting and very profound knowledge about past, present and future. You will learn about Christianity like never before. You will learn also about your life, yourself and about what’s to come and this will be rock solid.

I am telling you this… me Peter. This will set agenda for next 100 years so you better listen to it.

I am doing this for you since I already know that. It could be also last event on line by me before I will spend some time in retreat.

Long and extensive work on net – 17 hours per day for last 3 years took its toe. I am sort of losing my site. I tend to believe that it is because of unhealthy computers and system we have. That is one of the reason since I don’t wish to go blind and the other is that I discovered strength of my mind that can easily carry me through death the a next life.

I intend to explore that and make sure that I am right so I need to practice. Besides that is the only value for me that counts all other projects took something from me and left with nothing – disappointed. So I am going to build my house on the rock which is my practice in regards to principals of my denomination (The Ten Levels of the Bodhisattva)


Christianity – Catechesis No. 1

The World Factbook gives the population of the world as 7,095,217,980 (July 2013 est.)

The distribution of religions as:

Christian 31.50% (of which Roman Catholic 16.85%, Protestant 6.15%, Orthodox 3.96%, Anglican 1.26%),

Muslim 22.74%, Hindu 13.8%,

Buddhist 6.77%, Sikh 0.35%,

Jewish 0.22%,

Baha’i 0.11%,

other religions 10.95%

The rest around 15% are consider as a nonreligious.

Jesus Christ The Saviour like many religious leaders did not write anything by himself. Actually everything was written for him by his disciples and next scholars.

Priest Cardinal Wyszynski Polish Primate of Millennium one of spiritual fathers of John Paul The Great considered bible as a book of thousands mistakes and he was very right in this regard.

Editorial Note :

John Paul II speaks in this video about his gratitude towards Cardinal Wyszynski.


However, not only that even The Old Testimony is greatly misunderstood. For example base on lectures of priest Penar from Catholic Scholar Center in Pelplin Poland there was no miracle of Red Sea as we know. The latest translation of Hebrew text speaks about Sea of Rush or Sea Of Lake Bush (see pictures below with understanding that they come from tradition of Polish lakes).

I am not sure if historically such lake could be there and that time but base on that explanation establishment of Jewish faith looks completely different as we all know.


It had to be a lake or big pond and it was fully overgrown by these plants that apparently had red heads and they were chased by others and escaped vanishing in such plants.

It does not mean that it was easier or safer to do so. It could be even harder since they maybe had to run through swamp.

Nevertheless, the latest Vatican research that used most advanced computing programs and knowledge of many scholars agreed it was Read Sea Of Plants.

However, this is not really important. Important is that they believed in many Gods (one of them was Baal God of Storm see picture below) and next they received message that they should run. They did and this saved their lives. Since then they believed in One God.



What you will hear here you may consider utopia.

However, in common language we believe that utopia is something what will never happen, take place, basically it will never work.

Utopia definition:


a. often Utopia An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.

b. A work of fiction describing a utopia.


An impractical, idealistic scheme for social and political reform.

Utopia etymology origin of the word:

an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

Nevertheless, after 100 years of your market experiment it is clearly not working. There are 200 countries and I believe there in no one government there is no in debt. So how this economy can work if we consider on healthy accounting as foundation?

Now I can confidently say you practice utopia.

Economy based on constant growth and deficit is not working. When you will investigate history and results of it you will see that with no doubts, but follow it because you have not enough courage to change and make things right. The result of it is lack of happiness and very poor state of health (mentally and physically) of whole world society. Finally I will say this. You practice that because you don’t believe and you don’t trust in God who gave you this planet to rule it right – you don’t do that.

So how did we get into this place?

Because of a political will…

One day we decided to run deficit hoping that one day we fix that and made books right… And now we are here and none of politicians is willing to address this most important problem of our lives – The Debt.

They don’t have any substantial program, no vision for the future just “waki talki” and keep going knowing that there is no good end to it. Basically Punk Rock what means life with no future besides suffering and more suffering. Just patching things up and keep quiet.

maxresdefault (3)

Simply saying our leaders mismanaged our money. They are not good stewards of our land. That is truth and whole truth.

So if all is based not on real economy but on political will… besides I believe that they did so in a good faith but that is not a point. I mean they wanted to make it right but they are too stupid and too weak to bring a real change. Just think where we will be in 10 years based on where we are now and that we all goes in the same direction with higher and higher speed straight into the wall.

Anyway if all is based on political will they should make it right.

But No! It is all the same all the same. Actually no one talks about that. No one addresses the real cases of our broken society. Non one has a plan so I will have it.

First of all how much do we owe?

I roughly can say worldwide is like 300 trillion dollars, let’s make it 500 trillion. It is interesting though that we talk about world economy but we really don’t know how much we owe. Do we? And what happened with all the money? They were stolen and they were mismanaged. You can clearly say that since we do business only based on profit so we don’t do anything what do bring lost so why we lost so much? Answer is simple we mismanage and money were stolen. What could be the other explanation? Interesting also that there is no one responsible for that so there is no fix for the system.

In order to fix we have to change everything and start from zero on right foundation.

We can cancel all debts which is the best. We can just put them on the sides and start new healthy economy with no stealing, no mismanagement, with responsibility and accountability and no deficit.

You can’t run deficit if you don’t know if you will be able to pay back and you don’t know that. You can’t also run economy based on constant growth because this can’t be ensured too. 

All the time and every time after a few years of implementing your logic we ended up in the ditch. That is for sure. What kind of peace of mind this gives me today if I know that at one point all my effort will lead me to crash and that what is happening over and over again in last 100 years or more. Is this a system of happiness that you design for us? Thanks but No!

We know so far that all is run on political will and it is utopia it is not economic system because non one care about economic factors.  They are long gone. And because of that only salvation is in hands of politicians and their will to care about others. Really care.


This is not a prescription for revolution but for meaningful evolutions. We can’t kick the table and make possible things worse. So far all is working but future does not look rosy we can all agree with that.

Definitely we have to do something and we don’t do much.

I will place my future in hands of woman because I strongly believe that as mother she will never leave her child unattended. I know that women are stupid and they are. But this is not about stupid or smart because so far smart leads us to nowhere. It is about care and I do trust that mother will never let me down.

The women are stupid because they believe in love. How stupid is that?  Men don’t believe in love. They don’t care after all. Maybe gay people believe in love but what kind of men are they? I heard they said that they are women – right?

I don’t believe in love because I never experience it fully but I do all like I would because I believe that one day I will find it.

Besides there is nothing more beautiful that child which believe in love and there is nothing more cruel  than when one grows and see that all is just fake. Finally they say stupid dies happy. So there is nothing wrong about being stupid. The worst is to be smart and do stupid things and that is what we do now.

We have to turn economy around by starting from the right foot and add lost value of 500 trillion dollars to whole world system. If this will not happen you will have no global economy. Interconnectivity will sooner or later take down even the most healthy company. If you have cancer it does not matter that some organs are healthy. You will die out of it for sure.

I also strongly believe that only Americans can do that besides how stupid they are they are also the one who are chosen. They did that by leaving all what they had and coming here to promise land of Atlantis. They chose themselves by living all behind and starting from nothing. This gene that we all have is the one that thrive us so far to be the best. These who stayed behind they decided to preserve and we decided to gamble on nothing hoping that somewhere there is a God who cares.


Besides tell me how wise it is that we have over here everything to run our lives fully, happy and successfully so why we don’t have that. We don’t need any fiction value all what we need is in our soil and sea and in us so what more do we need? We have everything to sustain our lives with no any money so I would believe is we use one we should use them properly to our potentials.

We have everything in America and we don’t need anything from outside to be happy. Is that so?

So if you are really the one do it and leave life of more of the same behind you.



In order to add value to existing hole we have to create innovations that will turn things around. Here is my proposal for next 100 years. The one who will be ahead of others in this area will lead the world.

Oil and Energy

The numbers provided here are vague. I did check them so I am sure my estimates are right based on date form the net.

That what we have right now I mean how much we use and how much is left in ground is enough for next 20 years. So with each coming years it will be less and less.

However, there is enough oil in all seas for next 50 000 years. The question is how to excavate.

If USA will build 1000 submarines that will be able to cover distance from US to Europe in 2 hours and underwater sea compounds to help with that this will make it.

Per year 16 billion is lost because of sea piracy. With 1000 submarines cargo ships this can be salvage and US can control all world sea traffic using nuclear power vessels. This is a good start up plus you have no idea what is inside the sea.

The most important factor is to maintain ecological structure and stability of the planet because as it goes now there will be no planet and so no discussion…

Next – development of cold fusion and green energy as basis of everything is also crucial.

Holistic system has to be established that will balance development in all areas of energy. That can’t be no more fumes that poison us. If good steward will understand that there will be no problem but you can corrupt this very easily as it was done so far.



You have to be able to lift cargo above earth gravity next take right position above the planet and hang there waiting when the earth will turn and go down in desire destination. From point A back to point A you need maximum 24 hours of planet rotation.

The goal of it is to be able to deliver any product to costumer in less than 24 hours.

Advances in these 2 above areas will leave competitions up to 10 countries but most likely 5 that will have technology and means to do so.


We have to transform our system into system of managing world affairs. We will do so through direct marketing. The old way of doing marketing is not good enough and costly. It takes 50% of company spending. We will reduce that to max 1 %

Direct marketing is a system in which every worker will deal with maximum 100 people during week time. 20 people per day.

Man talking on cell phone at breakfast

By establishing personal relations with each person you will become guide and basically talk with your 100 friends once per week. Next customized offer will be created for any need of your friend and all traffic will go through such system allowing costumer chose what he or she like.

To establish such system you need 50 million workers to interact with 5 bullion people in the beginning stages. You will need also 5 million managers and 50 000 senior managers and 5000 representatives and 500 holders and 5 people form board. This will ensure that you will know at every moment what anyone is doing. All the jobs will be placed in USA.

Each main level worker will make 3000 US dollars per month. They will live in houses build by company and they will be supplied with food and basic needs. Worker will get 1000 cash per month.

All workers will use products created by company.

Costumer can chose of interacting with real person-guide or computing system with the same result.

Businesswoman using cell phone in office

There will be no storage room. After ordering product will be crated and delivered to costumer in one day.

All above will reduce cost of company up to 75% down.

Worker can work form his own home or small facility if he or she chose so.

It is important to provide to best healthy food and home work place for each worker.

Money Market

Every coin and every paper money will be like electronic credit card. You will have this way full control where money goes. This will be the end of corruption and black market that is estimated between 2 to 10 trillion dollars.

It is important to provide to best healthy food and home work place for each worker.


Actually most money should be spend on science and development that will give right edge compare to competing parties.

If you will understand fully human brain you will understand whole universe.


See Theory of Everything about extraordinary life of Stephen Hawking one of the best scientist of our time.


Stem Cells Research that will allow extend life of being endlessly.

Exchange of body parts in mechanical and bionic way.


Base for everything is 100% safe and secure internet. I created that.


Watch The Imitation Game movie about life  of Alan Turing the best mathematician of last century that crack enigma code which led to victory in the Second World War. Unfortunately because of some …………. miss understanding (pardon my French) he had to commit suicide. 


– Creating computing system that will interact with another human beings like with real person,

– Support in Entering path to Enlightenment which should become goal of every person since mind of Awaken One gives limitless knowledge and potentials.

Space Mining

– One of the asteroid can be worth around 10 trillion dollars.


– Expandable material,

– Material lighter than air.


Star Power.

All above should easily cover missing 500 trillion.