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The ministers of health, sports, the treasury and security, and parliamentary speaker Radek Sikorski, said they were stepping down for the good of the Civil Platform party just four months before a general election.

“As long as I am the prime minister, I will not allow for political games over the tapes,” Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. “Today, on behalf of Civic Platform, I extend my heartfelt apologies” to party supporters who “listened to the tapes with disgust, irritation.”

Government ministers and Sikorski were secretly taped during private meetings in Warsaw  restaurants in 2013 and 2014. The tapes were leaked to a weekly magazine and published, and Poles were angered that politicians, lobbyists and business people were debating deals and promotions while dining over baby lobster.

The interior minister at the time, Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz, lost his job over the scandal.

An investigation into the illegal recordings is still underway. The scandal was revived this week after classified files from the investigation were leaked onto Facebook. One man has been charged over the latest leak.

Kopacz has indicated she will fire Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet, who is overseeing the investigation. She said the probe is slow-going and that she doesn’t accept his report on why the classified files from the investigation were leaked this week.

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz

Coverage on RT Channel -> Click Here

(..) New York firefighters are battling a blaze on the 33rd floor of a high-rise in Times Square.

A fire broke out around 5 PM local time at 1515 Broadway, also known as One Astor Plaza, the headquarters of Viacom and home of MTV studios. It was reportedly electrical in nature. (…)

To Read Full Coverage on RT Channel -> Click Here

Over Third Of World’s Populations of Antelopes Die in last 10 days! (posted on June 06 2015)

US Government Controls Every Aspect of your Private Life! (posted on June 05 2015)

There is nothing private any more. It is not about terrorism sense strict. It is about making sure that no one will try anything what will make free – free…. Everyone knows about it but… We like it!

CNN realised report that over 60% Americans wants to collect information on them. In UK 72% people think quite opposite. Interesting???

Please visit also our “Today News”. Thanks!  Big One Again 8.5 Japan… Moderate 5.1 Indonesia… (posted 3o May 2015)



A 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck 174 kilometers east of Manokwari, Indonesia at 5:10pm UTC on Friday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reported. The quake’s epicenter was at a depth of 46.9 kilometers. No tsunami threat has been issued. Earthquakes in eastern Indonesia occur rather frequently due to its location on the Australia-Pacific plate boundary.


EartQuake Tracker -> Click Here

Avian Flu in USA…. Complete wipe out of Chicken and Turkey – Possible! (posted on June 01 2015)


 (…) The avian flu outbreak that has affected more than 44 million birds in around 15 states has triggered fast-food restaurant Whataburger to alter its breakfast hours because of the nationwide egg shortage. (…)

We are observing this outbreak last 2 months. It is out of control even with strong preventive action of US government. Number affected birds grew from 20 million to 44 million in lest then 30 days. We that speed all heard can be in play in less then 3 months. We can say with confidence – shortly no more birds and eggs in USA.

To Read Full Article on RT -> Click Here

Another Earthquake. Tokyo 5.6 (posted on May 25 2015)

We had at least 10 big earthquakes since we released our last report 2 weeks ago! We ignored them trying to keep it cool. However, everybody to whom I talked about it agreed that something is not right… I thing Big Day is Coming! I hope I am wrong. (posted 3.34 am EST)

No Heroes! (posted on April 27 2015)

Nature we love. Nature we may hate… (posted on April 23 2015)

No Water No Life… No Water in California! (posted on April 8 2015)

Where are The Money (posted on April 9 2015)

Cops kills more Americans than terrorist!

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