Collection of articles worth to be know…


Truth about Iraq and War on Terror.
How they are stealing our money and we have to die during the process.
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Why we are failing our kids in North America. Lack of proper sexual education and crisis among teens in terms of unwanted pregnancy and abortion.
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Demonstrator Maboud Ebrahimzadeh is held down during a simulation of waterboarding outside the Justice Department in Washington November 5, 2007. The confirmation of Bush nominee Michael Mukasey as attorney general is in jeopardy after his refusal to state whether the interrogation technique known as waterboarding violates U.S. laws banning torture. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque  (UNITED STATES) - RTR1VOX2

PBS The Full Story about American Torture Top Secret Data Released Click Here



The Biggest Sex Scandal In UK involving elite of politicians and artist. Potentially Sex Cult that abused kids in Great Britain for decades.
To Read Full Article on The Guardian -> Click Here



Latest study found that 20% of Americans will die broke.
That is for today but it is becoming increasingly worse from day to day so… It seems like most of us will die with nothing…
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America is the worst developed country in the world to be a mother, ranking 61st globally in maternal health, a groundbreaking analysis of global health inequalities has found.

A woman in the United States is more than 10 times as likely as a woman in Austria, Belarus or Poland to die from a pregnancy-related cause, according to a comprehensive report, State of the World’s Mothers 2015, published by Save the Children.
To Read Full article on RT -> Click Here


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Look into Universe allow you to know who you are.

You are limitless and compassionate. No matter what is it there is a place for it in the space. You are alive and you sustain it.

You can see it! Our eyes are there too. Peek into deep space… Here is your access to Catharsis – International Space Station. Please Click Below.

Full article about discovering God within you -> Click Here

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