NEWS 01.April.2016


Instagram was briefly down worldwide on Friday, but services were restored after a 10-minute absence.

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Addressing the “digital divide” that leaves 43 percent of the lowest-income US households without modern broadband, the Federal Communications Commission has reformed its Lifeline program to include affordable high-speed internet service.

The $9.25 monthly household subsidy will soon be usable for stand-alone mobile or fixed broadband Internet access, or bundled voice and data service from an internet service provider, the FCC said in a statement.

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Obesity more than doubles in four decades, 1 in 5 humans will be obese by 2025 – WHO
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Waukesha, Wisconsin needs water and would like to borrow some from its Canadian neighbors. However, Ontario is concerned that allowing the town to divert water from Lake Michigan will set a troubling precedent for the Great Lakes.

Waukesha, home to about 70,000 people, does not have much water in its aquifer, and the little is there is contaminated with high levels of radium, a cancer-causing element, The Hamilton Spectator reported. As a result, the city is looking east to Lake Michigan for a refill.

There is one big problem though: The current agreement between several Great Lakes region states and Ontario and Quebec prohibits diverting water away from the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River basin. Although there are exceptions that can be made, some officials do not believe that it should be made for Waukesha.

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A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not been keeping tabs on whether or not wastewater from fracking is seeping into drinking water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not collected specific inspection and complete or consistent enforcement information, or consistently conducted oversight activities, to assess whether state and EPA-managed Underground Injection Control (UIC) class II programs are protecting underground sources of drinking water,” a February report from the GAO found.

This is not the first time the EPA was found to be negligent of its duties, the report noted. The GAO has discovered the occurrence of similar problems since 2014.

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Endocrine-disrupting chemical Bisphenol-A was found in 67 percent of canned food products of top brands – including Campbell’s and Del Monte – according to a new report. Some companies have since announced a phasing-out of the toxic chemical.

“Our findings were alarming,” wrote the authors of the study, titled Buyer Beware. Of the 192 cans examined, 129 tested positive for BPA-based epoxy, though quantity levels were not included in the analysis. In addition, the study reported that“some retailers and brands have replaced BPA with PVC, made from vinyl chloride, a carcinogen.”

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FDA sued over approval of genetically engineered ‘frankenfish’
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