NEWS 01.March.2016

Researchers exploring the world of neuroscience are venturing deep down the rabbit hole, creating what they claim is a new brain stimulator that can instantly improve an individual’s ability to learn new skills.

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A new study shows Zika may not only be to blame for birth defects leading to microcephaly, but may also trigger a dangerous neurological disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS).

The French study, published in The Lancet medical journal on Monday, follows Zika’s potential role in an outbreak of GBS in French Polynesia.

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare condition in which the body’s immune system attacks the nervous system in control of muscle strength. More than a quarter of patients require intensive care and assisted breathing, while the outcome is lethal in about five percent of cases.

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Sportscaster and TV host Erin Andrews testified during a civil trial Tuesday that she does not think she will ever get over the emotional fallout after a stalker secretly took nude videos of her and put them on the Internet.


Facebook Vice President Diego Jorge Dzodan was arrested in São Paulo, Brazil today. He is required to give testimony relating to the company’s refusal to provide details of WhatsApp messages relating to organized crime and drug trafficking.

Dzodan failed to comply with a judicial order in a secret investigation to provide information stored on Facebook’s servers, the Federal Police said in a statement. The information relates to messages sent over Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service by members of a drug gang, according to Globo.

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Editorial Note:

It seems like the same game but different part of it. To create precedence and get to private servers of provider. I am sure that next set will be some kind of scandal with very sensitive information – like for example we have proved this company is involved in terrorism or child pornography or corruption we have to get to their servers.

Why this is all fake argument?

How someone does know that on servers Face Book are sensitive information?

Did Mafia said that to police? Hm…

For sure Face Book did not do that – so who did?

How this who said that obtained such information (sensitive information s on FB servers)?

If someone obtained such so they should share them with police – Yeah?  Something is not clicking here.

Someone has to know what information is about or you can’t ask for it and I think suspicion  (based on what?) is not enough.

They have to know what information is about or they can’t ask for it. So if they know what are we talking about (tell police)?

High pathetically If criminals told police about it so they could say what is there and even request to give them their information – right?

In terms of police they can play this thing only one safe way. They can say that they can’t say how they know that they know.

In this case we can say that we don’t know what exactly information we were  asked since there is billion information and we can only talk about something specific.

Finally law enforcement can come up with some precise requests and we can say that we don’t have it since such  information are not stored at all.

By the way why should criminals store sensitive information on Face Book? Every child know that everything is watched so…

Actually we can’t even discus such topics since we don’t know who has what on their private accounts. Anonymous allegation hardly can be considered as reason for legal actions but who know – these days….


Police powers will be extended in the new draft of the ‘snoopers charter’ to enable them to access people’s web browsing histories and to hack into phones.

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