NEWS 02.April.2016


North Korea has upped its testing activities in recent weeks, with the latest test being carried out on an anti-aircraft weapon. Leader Kim Jong-un personally visited the site, calling the test another demonstration of the country’s military prowess.

KCNA reported this latest test on Saturday, as Pyongyang continues to expand its ballistic and other capabilities amid growing unease from its neighbors it threats to destroy.

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The US Department of Defense is calling for hackers to infiltrate the Pentagon – and offering a $150,000 prize to the winner.

The “Hack the Pentagon” competition asks digital locksmiths to try and penetrate the fortress’ security and find vulnerabilities.

Registration is now open and the pilot program runs from April 18 to May 12.

The contest also gives hackers a free pass to infiltrate government websites that would normally carry the risk of severe punishments.

The contest is led by the Defense Digital Service, a new arm of the Pentagon created in November to “improve the Department’s technological agility and solve its most complex IT problems.”

Apply to enter here, assuming you want to give the US government your details.

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A 6.2 magnitude earthquake has rocked the Alaskan Peninsula, 100 kilometers from Chignik Lake, the USGS has said, quoting the Alaska Earthquake center. The depth of the quake was about 18 kilometers. The epicenter was about 48 kilometers east of Port Heiden on the peninsula. Two large aftershocks with magnitudes 3.6 and 3.8 occurred within 10 minutes of the initial quake.