NEWS 03.April,2016

It is time to go for vacations to Japan!


The Pope has announced a special fundraising campaign for Ukrainians in all European Catholic churches, saying he is thinking of those in Ukraine who live in lands “that are turned upside-down by hostilities that have caused thousands of deaths.”

Pope Francis said that, as well as keeping the Ukrainian people in his thoughts and prayers, he has “decided to mobilize humanitarian help for them.”

“To this end, there will be special collections on Sunday April 24 in all European Catholic churches. I urge the faithful to support this papal initiative with generous contributions,” the pontiff said, addressing thousands during the Regina Caeli prayer in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

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Scientists have grown skin with the same functions as normal tissue for the first time. The bioengineered skin has great potential to transform treatment for burns and provide an alternative to drug testing on animals.

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