NEWS 05.Aprl.2016


A 1,200-kilometer-long, 400 kilometer-wide geothermal “hot spot” located under Greenland’s glacier could cause the three-kilometer-thick layer of ice covering the central-northern part of the massive island to melt, scientists say.

The study, carried out by an international team of geoscientists, suggests that almost half of central-northern Greenland’s ice-covered area is melting from below. The anomaly is caused by a “hot spot” in the Earth’s core, or mantle, which is also responsible for triggering volcanic activity in Iceland.

The water flowing from the “hot zone” has also formed rivers that accelerate the ice’s 750-kilometer flow into the North Atlantic, according to the study published in Nature Geoscience magazine.

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Global warming could destroy $2.5 trillion – nearly 2 percent – of the world’s non-bank financial assets by the end of the century if the Earth continues to warm at its current rate, a new study has warned.

Published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change, the study used economic modeling to predict the impact of unabated climate change.

The research, carried out by the London School of Economics (LSE), suggests that even if the rise in global temperatures is kept under the 2C (35.6F) danger limit agreed on at the Paris summit last December, $1.7 trillion in assets may remain in danger.

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Touching robots in their “private parts” arouses humans in a “primitive, social way”, according to researchers at Stanford University. They discovered that touching a robot in the genitals or buttocks area initiated a physiological response.

The experiment was conducted by programming a small humanoid robot to teach participants the medical term for each body part and tell them, “Sometimes I’ll ask you to touch my body and sometimes I’ll ask you to point to my body.”

Ten volunteers ‒ six males and four females ‒ were asked by the robot to touch it in any of 13 parts of its body, in a total of 26 trials.

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