NEWS 10.March.2016

Editorial Note:

After consulting with Oracles we were told that DT will fall ill before finale of election. Since we don’t believe in miracles it seems that fear is there….

Personally we will do everything to keep integrity of democratic process until legally new democratic process maybe established. We are blind and we do not judge who is better or worse… It is up to the voters. We protect the process…



Who killed Mikhail Lesin and why?

Four months after the death of former Russian press minister and prominent media figure Mikhail Lesin in a DC hotel, Washington’s chief medical examiner has revealed forensic data indicating that Lesin died of injuries to the head.

While initial reports following Lesin’s death in DC’s Dupont Hotel on November 5, 2015 indicated that a heart attack had been to blame, no conclusive official forensic data has been released until now.

A joint statement by the District of Colombia’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) and Metropolitan Police Department said that the former minister’s death had been a violent one, as cited by RIA Novosti on Thursday.

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The pontiff has imposed new rules on the Vatican’s saint-making process, which are aimed at making the Catholic Church more financially accountable. The move comes after monetary abuses were revealed in two books.

The new regulations will require Vatican bank accounts created for beatification and canonization purposes to be externally monitored, AP reported.

Beatification is recognition granted by the Catholic Church of a deceased person’s entrance into heaven and ability to intercede on behalf of people who pray in his or her name. Canonization is the official process of declaring a dead person a saint.The rules will also require regular budgeting and accounting to make sure that donations from Church members are being used as intended.

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As many college students get ready to unwind on spring break, health officials worry that those jetting off to places like Mexico or the Caribbean could bring back more than just a hangover and a tan, fearing the Zika virus could accompany them as well.

Authorities in Texas have urged young travelers to be extra cautious if holidaying in Zika affected countries, as they do not want the mosquito-borne disease spreading further.

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President Barack Obama has touted his administration as the “most transparent ever,” but the Freedom of the Press Foundation says documents released under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show an effort to “kill transparency.”

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A rare bloodstream infection is mystifying Wisconsin officials as they try to determine whether it’s behind the deaths of 18 people in the state. The illness has already affected 48 people since late last year.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), the cases have been logged since November 1, 2015, though the Division of Public Health was first notified about six possible cases between December 29 of last year and January 4, 2016. Since then, the number of cases has continued to rise, mostly affecting people over 65 years old.

The illness in question is called Elizabethkingia, a bacteria that infects the bloodstream and usually affects people with weakened immune systems and underlying health issues such as cancer or diabetes. So far, 18 people who tested positive for the disease have died, but officials haven’t been able to confirm if Elizabethkingia was responsible.

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