NEWS 15.April.2016


After a series of deadly earthquakes in Japan, a “small-scale” eruption of Mount Aso has been recorded by the Japan Meteorological Agency. However, it decided to keep the alert level at 2, as it was not immediately clear whether the natural disasters were related.

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It would be possible to phase out fossil fuels worldwide in just ten years, making way for a cleaner, environmentally friendly energy system – but only if the initiative is backed by strong government interventions and a shift in consumer behavior, a new study says.

Scientists at the University of Sussex analyzed previous energy transitions to predict what the future holds and are hopeful that a global reliance on burning fossil fuels could come to an end more quickly than we think.

The study, led by Professor Benjamin Sovacool, Director of the Sussex Energy Group at the University of Sussex, is published in the peer-reviewed journal Energy Research & Social Science.

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GASCOYNE, NORTH DAKOTA- OCTOBER 14, 2014: Miles of unused pipe, prepared for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, sit in a lot on October 14, 2014 outside Gascoyne, North Dakota. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Global Assignments by Getty Images for Al Jazeera America)

Oil leaks like the latest from TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline often have their origins in “political decisions” made by pipeline managers who advocate use of substandard building materials and transition welds, a TransCanada whistleblower told RT.

The 16,800-gallon oil spill  in South Dakota earlier this month has renewed suspicion of the company’s pipeline safety practices. The US Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has said the spill was likely caused by a leak at a transition-weld point, where a pipe is connect to another, thicker pipe.

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Canadian police have reportedly been in possession of a BlackBerry master encryption key for the past six years, which has been used to intercept over one million messages.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) managed to intercept messages sent through the phone’s BBM service, according to court documents obtained by Vice News and Motherboard.

The papers indicate that the RCMP keeps a server in Ottawa which “simulates a mobile device that receives a message intended for [the rightful recipient].” From there, the “BlackBerry interception and processing system” decrypts the message using the master key.

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Nothing significant found on San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone – officials

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Thousands from across the UK are expected to gather in central London Saturday in protest of government austerity measures. They’ll also call for the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron over revelations of offshore investment funds linked to his family.

The demonstration through the center of the capital will end on Trafalgar Square around 6pm.

The March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education has been organized by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity alongside several trade unions, including Unite. Organizers are demanding that David Cameron’s “vicious government” end its policy of austerity.

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Foodbank use has risen to record highs in the UK, with over a million three-day emergency food supplies being handed out by the Trussell Trust charity last year. Government figures also indicate a shocking rise in deaths linked to malnutrition.

The charity’s latest figures point to delays and changes to benefits as the biggest causes of foodbank use by those relying on its 424 centers across the UK.

Low incomes, insecure work, high living costs and problems accessing in-work benefits are all leading to a rise in working people being referred to food charities, according to the Trussell Trust’s latest data.

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You may soon be able to Periscope from within, as researchers have developed a wireless signal so strong that it could transmit high-definition video through your flesh.

Currently, devices implanted in our bodies use radio to communicate with doctors – a system that has never been ideal, since radio waves don’t carry well through flesh, and increasing the power in order to improve the signal means dangerously heating up the tissue it passes through.

But revolutionary light based Wi-Fi technology means that wireless signals will be stronger than ever – the equivalent of downloading an entire “DVD box set in the blink of eye,” according to NewScientist.

Scientists have successfully tested the theory using slabs of pork and beef submerged in water. The team found ultrasonic signal passed through the meat at speeds of up to 30 megabits per second, or 1,000 times faster than radio signals in existing implants.

“You could stream Netflix through the pork loin,”  said Andrew Singer, at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

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Witness links Mexico federal police to disappearance of 43 students

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Eutanacia fotos tematicas. Foto: Erik Meza

The Canadian government has proposed a law permitting an assisted suicide for those adults who are “suffering intolerably” or are “on a foreseeable course toward the end of their lives.” The legislation is expected to pass by a majority in parliament.

The law says that only adults will be permitted to end their lives, according to the government’s press release. The Canadian government led by Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced the document on Thursday, which will be voted on in June.

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