NEWS 15.March.2006

Anonymous declares ‘total war’ on Trump, plans April attack
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French Prime Minister Manuel Valls spoke out on the unfolding pedophile scandal involving the Catholic Church in an interview on Tuesday urging the accused Cardinal Philippe Barbarin to “take responsibility for his actions.”

Barbarin is being sued for covering up for a priest who sexually abused boy scouts in the late 1980s.

The priest in question, Bernard Preynat, had admitted his crimes and has been charged, with an investigation underway since January 27.  

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Senior figures in the Church of England failed to act after hearing about a sadistic assault, prompting the church to make sweeping reforms in the way sex abuse cases are dealt with.

An independent review, commissioned by the church, found “deeply disturbing” failures by those in positions of power who failed to act after hearing reports of sexual assault. 

Over a period of four decades, senior members of the clergy ignored a survivor’s repeated disclosures of a sexual assault, the report alleges. It also criticizes the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby for failing to acknowledge the case.

The church said the report is “embarrassing and uncomfortable.”

Among the report’s conclusions is the need for training for those who receive disclosures of abuse so they can be properly recorded and appropriate action taken.

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Nanotechnology has helped scientists cure mice which have breast cancer in its terminal stage. The study could be a turning point in treating the disease with clinical trials on human patients expected to be conducted as early as next year.

“I would never want to over-promise to the thousands of patients looking for a cure but the data is astounding,” Mauro Ferrari, president of the Houston Methodist Research Institute in Texas and a co-senior author of the paper said in the press release published by the Houston Methodist leading medicine website. The study, conducted by a team of researchers from Houston Methodist Research Institute, was published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

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