NEWS 17.March.2016


How do you call someone who terrorise others before even anything happens?

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(…) Hacker squad Anonymous has leaked Donald Trump’s alleged private phone, address and social security numbers as it keeps up relentless attacks in their “total war” against the GOP frontrunner, which they vowed would get way worse.

The hacktivist collective has data-dumped some of Trumps most sensitive information, which includes his private cell phone number, SSN and address of his Palm Beach resident in Florida.(…)

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Pyongyang has fired two ballistic missile off its east coast into the Sea of Japan, with one burning up mid air. The launch comes after the US slapped it with new sanctions in attempt to punish Pyongyang for its ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

The South Korean military said that the first missile took off at around 5:55am near Sukchon, in the western part of the country, and flew roughly 800 miles before falling in the Sea of Japan. The type of the rocket was not immediately known, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) alleged it to have been a medium range Rodong missile.

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China’s latest spy plane has been revealed by a science blog. The “special mission” 1.7-ton plane can intercept intelligence on enemies’ electronic activity and spot their vulnerabilities from the sky.

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Human hibernation is one of the toughest stumbling blocks on the way to proper space exploration, which requires lengthy periods to reach distant worlds. But a team of neuroscientists believe little furry mammals could hold the key.

Not only are long-haul flights incredibly mentally and physically taxing, they also require an immense load of resources on board the spacecraft – water, food and oxygen. Keeping the crew in low-metabolism sleep has been researched for a good 40 years, until hibernation studies slowed down after the end of the Cold War.

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The city council in Portland, Oregon has unanimously voted to authorize a lawsuit against Monsanto for contaminating its waterways with cancer-causing chemicals. Six other West Coast cities are also suing the bio-agricultural corporation in federal court.

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Zika virus carries 1% risk of brain defects in babies – study
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The robot uprising may have to wait awhile: Reports say that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is selling off Boston Dynamics, makers of the canine and humanoid robots that have recently captivated the headlines.

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