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Editorial Note:

Life is good in America… Just more and more people are committing suicide! Go figure! But we got that… We are going to make nice speech about of enough of talking…. So I have for you old Polish poem by Jan Brzechwa…


Ox supposed to drive table to the school… So he said to the donkey (since he was not a fool):  “Take this table to the village because this is a great privilege.”

The donkey thought, “Oh may, that is too bad!”  So he said to the goat instead, “Goaty, please take this to the school, our kids needs you for sure…  And you know what… I will pay you three cents. Does’t make that a great sense. ”

The goat called the ram,   Take the table and don’t be dam. ”

The ram  was meanwhile somewhere in the yard but he saw the dog so he send him him a card:

Rex! This should be taken  to the school“, he wrote since he did not feel like doing any tour… ”

The dog summoned the cat and  he growled to him, “Hey Rascal-cat, you take care about this job and I am going to give you a nice bathroom robe.”

The cat did  not intend to carry stuff he felt it was too rough so  he called on hedgehog plus he did not trust the dog…

But Hedgehog at some point thought, ” Where’s the table and where is the school it seems too much. It is not cool.

So he summoned the rat  and said, ” Don’t cruel. Take this job quickly and carry table to the school… 

However the rat decided to employ the mouse since she had nothing to do with her spouse… Boring nights, boring days…  but it did  the fact of the phase that the mouse did not want to suffer at all, so he said to the frog,” Hey you Froggi-frog,  take this table I am too week to take such walk…. ”

But the frog was out of the clock so when she saw the lizard so she said,  Lizard, lizard be so kind, I  beg you keep this in mind. Take the table to the study room. They may find for you a nice groom…

Oh… It was almost wow…! But lizard in nearby grass saw… the beetle. So he said. O my beetle you are the best match but my legs are hurting so much… Please take  the thing and carry over there…  ”

But since the beetle was too lazy to care he said to the fly: You know what… rather  than just buzz around could you do that for me as sacrifice for our land?. ”

Soooo… at the end the fly said to the ant,  Here is an opportunity for sure… Table has  to be taken  to the school… You love such challenges so much anyway that why we keep in touch...

Overall the ant, not saying a word to anyone,
even thought… she is not bigger that a few grain of sand
she took the table and carried to the school… And that was it. Not much but something for sure…

(…) The suicide rate in the US went up by 24 percent from 1999 to 2014, according to a new federal report, with the top increases seen in females aged 10 to 14 and males aged 45 to 64.

new analysis by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has reported that the rate of suicide in the US steadily increased from 1999 to 2014 after consistently decreasing from 1986 to 1999. The report found that greater annual rises occurred after 2006.

From 1999 to 2014, suicide rates increased for males and females of all ages between 10 and 74, the NCHS revealed Friday. Only those aged 75 and older saw declines in suicides in that time period. (…)

(…) More than 42,000 people in the US died of suicide in 2014, the report said. Middle-aged white males and females – about 18 percent of the US population – accounted for one-third, or about 14,000, of all suicides in the 15-year timespan, more than twice the combined number of suicides for all blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and Alaska Natives. (…)

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Japanese scientists have been given the go-ahead to start modifying fertilized human eggs. However, they will not be creating designer babies any time soon, as a government bioethics panel is only allowing the technique for basic research purposes.

The editing of genomes has already been used for plants, human body cells and animals, but there have been debates about the ethics of looking to modify fertilized human eggs.

A Japanese government bioethics panel said on Friday that the scientists will be allowed to use the fertilized human eggs to try and find out which genes play an important role in early phases of growth. The modified eggs will also be used to develop treatments for inherited diseases and to improve technologies related to reproduction, Kyodo news agency.

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