NEWS 26.April.2016


Numerous Facebook pages in support of Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy were shut down on Monday after they were reportedly flooded with pornographic images, with at least one participant in the attacks being linked to a Hillary Clinton support group.

The incidents, which The Hill stated seemed to be coordinated, began around 9:00pm on Monday, with account owners being able to regain control of their groups around midnight. According to a report from, attackers posted porn in at least two groups and then reported the content to Facebook, triggering the shutdowns.

Some of the groups that were shut down had tens of thousands of members, including: Bernie Sanders Is My Hero, Bernie Believers, Bernie Sanders for President, and Bernie Sanders Activists.

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Members of the 105th Congress and guests fill the Senate chamber to listen as US President Bill Clinton delivers his State of the Union speech 27 January on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Clinton defended the Social Security program, proposed improving education, proposed raising the minimum wage, urged Congress to pass a consumer bill of rights for medical care, and proposed a plan for affordable, safe, child care. AFP PHOTO Luke FRAZZA

The Islamic State-aligned United Cyber Caliphate claims to have hacked into US State Department records, releasing online information on 43 employees it wants dead. The leak also includes staff with Homeland Security and other agencies, media reported.

The information was released through the group’s account on the messaging app Telegram. The departments of energy, commerce, health and defense have been compromised along with the State Department and DHS, the SITE Intelligence Group reported.

The document is entitled ‘wanted to be killed’ and contains threats to the US, which the group sees as its main enemy. Various staff members from all over the world were identified, including embassy workers in Sudan and Togo, Vocativ was able to verify. The list included other officials, Homeland Security among them.

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