NEWS 30.March.2016


Scientists have made a huge leap in lessening our dependence on fossil fuels, managing to break down raw biomass without using chemicals for the very first time. The result was record high amounts of clean liquid hydrocarbon fuel, according to a new study.

When dealing with the possibility of breaking down biomass, a substance known as lignin – one of the components in the woody material used to produce fossil fuel – has traditionally been seen as a challenge, as it is difficult to break down and convert into useful fuel. As such, it often requires high levels of energy or the use of chemicals.

To study this further, a team of scientists from the University of Manchester and East China University of Science and Technology stewed a catalyst – made up of the metal complex niobium phosphate, with small particles of platinum scattered across the surface – with raw wood sawdust for 20 hours at 190° Celsius (374° Fahrenheit) and a pressure of 50 atmospheres.

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Editorial Note;

At 14th second of presented video there is blast in area of the plane and plane goes down. It can be explosion caused by external or internal factors.


A probe over ExxonMobil’s apparent cover-up of climate change risks has expanded. Now 17 states’ US attorneys general have joined New York’s investigation and vowed more probes into fossil fuel firms.

US attorneys general are going to cooperate in order to investigate whether fossil fuel companies have misled investors on climate change and global warming issues by perusing their financial interests.

“We have heard the scientists and we have heard what is happening to the planet,” said New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman at a briefing for reporters. “Every fossil fuel company has a responsibility to be honest with its investors.”  

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In a first of its kind analysis, the New York University School of Medicine has linked 16,000 premature births to air pollution, resulting in costs overrunning $4 billion a year for medical treatment.

Researchers noted that air pollution is known to increase toxic chemicals in the blood and cause immune system stress, which can weaken the placenta surrounding the fetus and lead to premature birth. There are over 3.9 million live births in the contiguous US states every year, and of those, 11.4 percent are born premature. Pregnancy normally last about 40 weeks while premature babies are born before 37 weeks.

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El Salvador has declared a state of emergency at seven prisons and sent some 300 top gang members to a separate jail. The country has pledged to take “extraordinary measures” against gangs, and it’s the first step, they say.

The emergency means that the prisoners are in lockdown, with no visits from relative allowed for 15 days. Also, security will be managed by both police and soldiers.

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