News Alert!



News Alert No. 1
Another strong Earth Shake 7.4 happened 10 hours ago in Papua New Guinea. (posted at 9.11 EST)

We are witnessing unprecedented number of Earth Activities since last month (April.2015). Earthquakes (ranging from 4 up too 8!!!), volcanoes eruptions, unusual weather patterns are almost daily occurrence. To monitor situation we are launching Earth Watch on our site. This service will give you full picture and all information about what is happening with Our Planet.

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Ebola treatment centre in Mali

News Alert No. 2
(published on MediumTV at 4.15 pm EST 18. April. 2015)

)source RT news channel(


Mystery disease kills at least 17 in Nigeria

An unknown disease has killed at least 17 people in the Nigerian state of Ondo. Local officials say they have ruled out Ebola or any other known virus. The deaths have occured over the past 10 days. All of the victims died within 24 hours of falling ill, suffering headache, weight loss and blindness before death. Health officials from the World Health Organization, as well as government and aid agencies, are in the area. They have taken samples from the deceased, and an investigation in underway.

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