Underground TV

Here is Underground TV The Watch Dog of main stream and underground.

Main stream media are not informing you about reality. They represent interest of corporations since they are corporate. They are focused and dependent of profit. More and more income is the main narrative of their activities. Profit feeds corporations and it is the most important cause of their survival so they will not do much what can jeopardise that. That is why we have inner conflict to report impartially, to not to report, to manipulate information.

How main stream media delude their news?

Not reporting.
Reporting partially and at time when will be the least viewers.
Manipulating information.

Our TV is design to fill this gap

We will report daily if that possible in a few main areas like:

Cyber security
Sky security
Market security
Government abuse (corruption, immorality, waste etc)
Weather anomalies and disaster
Mafia activities

Underground TV Logo

What is happening now? Now we have war between mafias and people are just mare witness of it and victim.

We have at least: Russian mafia, Mexican mafia, Columbian mafia, Italian mafia, Japanese mafia.

Mafia heavily cooperate with terrorism but danger of terrorism for safety of society is minimal so far. Objectives of War on Terror are complete fake. War on Terror is pushed by main stream media to take all your liberties and have corporation’s full control over customers.

Mafia and terror goes hand to hand since these two entities are interested in profit and power – drugs, human trafficking, prostitution etc are hundreds bullion industry. Mafia and terror have many in common. In some areas they compete and fight each other and in many areas they support each other to maintain status quo. Of course they are all protected by banking system. On top of these we have rich 1% that is interested only to have more and preserve what they have.

Mafia have also legitimate business and they own many corporations. Corporations hijacked political system. They for example control US Senate and Congress. So in this case path is simple. On top of that we have secret services that know what is happening and are conducting they own agenda. All for your money!

Where is this leave us – people? This leaves us with another job if it is possible, no time for family and no future. No future for you and your kids besides work, work, work… No realizing your dreams and potentials and being just tax payer or costumer.


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