Peter as an Author

shutterstock_128238248                          Mirabelle main character of Avalanche


shutterstock_158893190Mirabelle and Adam love of her life. She saves him from madness and he gives her life meaning and sense of belonging


Avalanche Pit’s Note Book the best romance of 21th century. Here is the story about independent writer and journalist who can see the future. Adam (aka Pit) is trying his best to  protect and save as many lives as he can. However, his work is endless…

Knowing how hard is to change the future leaves Adam with constant feeling of guilt and failure. Time after time he crashes into “dark space of impossible”. However, she loves him and this makes a big difference. He can breathe though her love and see beauty of every coming day.

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Editorial Note: It took us almost 17 hours to format properly my book as eBook for phone format and ext. In my file on kindle eBook looks perfect now we are waiting when it will appear in right way on line. 

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