Project Asylum

 Open Letter to my viewer                   Toronto 29 March 2014
“Project Asylum”

I would like to ask you now to spend 10 minutes and read the information on this page and check all the links I have posted here.

I am trying to explain in this short message what “Project Asylum”is about. I used the term Project Asylum for all projects run on the chain of web sites connected to Mother Site where you are right now. Reading this material you may also find terms like “ProjectEnclave” or “Project Oasis”. However, these are sub-titles of main title which is “Project Asylum”.

After reading everyhing, If you would like be a part of the mentioned project I would like to ask you kindly to access the link named News Letter -> Join and share your email address.

The difference between now and after is that you will begin to receive weekly messages from me and benefit from all I have here for you. You also will be able to unsubscribe from the News Letter at any moment. By doing all of this what I want to accomplish, is to be loved and nothing more – that is the most difficult thing to get in life.

I hope that at some point I will deserve that feeling from you. I will do my best to achieve this goal.


Piotr Grzywacz

To Read Full Article About “Project Enclave” -> Click Here

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