Safety Internet

Map of world’s cyber attacks in real time -> Click Here
Over 104 000 attacks per day in Canada alone

(23.April. 2015) Pentagon finally admits lack of cyber security. Again we were right and only we! Billions of dollars of public money spend and “Zero” accountability. We are not safe!

“On Thursday, Carter confirmed publicly for the first time that the Pentagon’s unclassified networks had been penetrated by Russian hackers earlier this year. He said the attack was executed by exploiting a vulnerability that hadn’t been patched, and that the hackers were promptly dealt with.”

Above excerpt from Rt article.

To read full article -> Click Here


Train system across the world is not safe!
We reported about that during last year our radio programming base on recent accidents in US and Canada.
To read full article about hackers, trains and terrorists -> Click Here
Amazing Radio Toronto -> Click here

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